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Oh my god you guys

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There is a show called bonus family on Netflix. In another language but omg. Lol. So amazing.


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I saw that. Going to it now... it's Swedish! Good start. LOL first two min perfect. I predict counselor breakdown. This is good!

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How do you watch it with no subtitles? do you all know Swedish ? Is there a way to make it up subtitles? I want to watch after.

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WTF...REALLY, are you telling me you don't know Swedish? So weird. I thought everybody knew Swedish. Don't you go to Ikea? Lol.

I actually have a friend from Sweden, we met in Dutch-school. Turns out it's a lot like Dutch, but more sing-songy.

I'll be checking out this series...

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I know! Every little thing that happens in like, yep I know that. I get that. Ugh those people did that. So much life validation. can you imagine trying to sit down with some of these bio parents in a therapy session????! That cracked me up. The very first thing being a joint bday party. So messy haha, but with all the good intentions. That's our lives, so messy but with so many good intentions.

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The one parenting giving a pet and making the other parent keep there.

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Why would he even try to play zombie robots with Eddie! Yuck!

Omfg I'm dying over the therapists comments after the pet incident!

The little creature you aren't fond of...



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Ok, first, THANK YOU for sharing!! I watched first episode and LOVED it. It called up some memories and parallels for sure. These stepfamily issues are universal- I find that sad yet reassuring.

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I watched another several episodes last night, it's just getting better and better.
DH refuses to watch it.