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Clove update - Steplife Dormancy (NOT) *edited*

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(Edit: Well, like a dummy masochist, I poked into SD24 FF insta account, which I do occasionally in down-low  mode to make sure that she is "good" or at least "doing ok" because then I know we wont get the texts - rather husband, cause shes blocked on my phone - and saw what I always dread.......... and saw a post with a picture of SD24 Feral Forger smugly sitting in a hospital bed with the tell tale bracelett and that smirky smug smile I hate.

Update to Netflixgate

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Just a shorty: I had given the password and done some reasearch.

It might just be a non-issue, because she hasnt logged into my account since 4/17 when this first came up.

AND she hasnt been with us at all...and no contact (no drama also).

SO, because netflix will soon be charging for separate household account sharing, May 1st I will simply change password and be done with it. Ill just revert my account to 2 devices, and be done with THAT aspect as well.

Feeling Donest

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Feeling defeated and done and then more done that done- ner. 

Husband, took 3 weeks off between his old job that retired and new job. He worked on the house a bit. Painted the hallway. Worked on a few sidejobs to keep some money flowing. He stressed a bit this weekend and was perfectly aweful to deal with.

Ive been working on me. Went out with a friend, and met up with other friends. Just left him to his own devices really.

Friday night and Saturday night we hung out at home, at his insistence. I would have gone out with friends. No BB!

Working things out or working me over...Clove updates

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Greetings and salutations Steptalkers!

A little Thursday update:

1. Husband is now completely off the job he has held over 20 years. The shop closed, but there was 30 years of stuff to clean and get rid of - posters, tools, etc. Guess where some of that ended up???? Two of the mechanics remained (husband and nephew) and cleaned and cleared and the buzzards descended to scoop up the valuable items, before husband could get to it. That severance husband was expecting materialised, but was way lower than he was hoping, at aprox 2 weeks pay.