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Inauguration Day and "Blended Family VP"

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Not here to discuss politics. Just watched a video of Inauguration, and saw some things posted as regards Kamala Harris and her "happy blended family".

Im a bit jaded, tired, sad and angry today. Burned out feeling. Probably my own fault because I overextend myself, and regularly traipse through the mucky muck online wrt BM Toxic Troll. Plus I did pickup Monday and got sobbing kiddo, then silent dinner treatment last night.

- Am I the only one that was thinking "Kamala to my knowledge has no bios, therefore shes stepmom in a step family, there is no "blending" going on.


Violin-Gate & "I has a sadz"

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Well, I really hate pickups and drop offs for visitation.

Drop offs arent too bad, but lately each pickup involves drama of some kind and crying Munchkin all the way home.


I get home but need to gas up my car before work the next day. I offer to pick up Munchkin SD14 since Im out and about anyway and DH who works as a mechanic is dead tired. Sounds easy, right? DH tells Munchkin Im on my way. Toxic Troll had told DH that Munchkin had been sick and thrown up previously. Munchkin insists shes ok, its just her period (Whaaaaat?)

Toxic Troll Trolling me Toxically on Facebook

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This will be short.

My good friend (Ill call her Rabbit) has created a public facebook group and its centered mostly around music and events, but with the lockdown being what it is she mainly now posts about people's daily lives, to create a sense of community and togetherness. So for example Ill post a photo of my family together or a meal, and she will share it to this Group.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Report

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Just a quick blurb. Christmas eve was the worst ever.

Because of Feral Forger. And DH wanting to enable her, for crumbs of her affection.

She went shopping somewhere Christmas Eve, and because she still doesnt drive, with no license, she calls DH during a zoom call with HIS family. He looked like he was ready to go get her, and I told him, "tell her no, youve had a few shots...and she cant just snap and you go running."

The Slap Heard 'Round the City

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As Jupiter and Saturn have converged, apparently Toxic Troll BM is going for her Mother of the Year award for 2020.

Last night, DH recieved a text from the Troll detailing yet another fight with Feral Forger. On and on about a chore liste given 5 days ago still not done, and then...drumroll...

How FF called TT a D!ck.

And TT, like the true Troll she is "looked her in the eye and slapped her". And then FF apologised for calling her mother a dk.

And her text (sort of priceless) to DH: "baby steps to her learning to respect".

Hit the Sweet Spot, and I did a thing...

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Great news! For those who have been following "Fail-Gate", Munchkin SD14 has pulled up her grades!!! 3 B's and 5 C's, up from 3 F's, 4c's and 1 B.

I took advice given. Found out what her currency is. Talked with her about what we can do to help her out. Badgered the heck out of her. I even went and emailed some of the teachers, went to a few teacher hours on Zoom. Bought her Art Supplies (failing class). Spent a few hours talking about assignment that was confusing. Made an assignment check list that she checked things off.

Grade-Saga Part III

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All who contributed - I read everything a few times over. Gimmy - not even remotely tired of your input. I need all the help (er butt kicking) available.

Friday, DH picked up Munchkin SD14 from her mothers. Toxic Troll claimed that she did not have access to Parent Portal but was "trying" and needed a list of assignments due, and all she was told about was that it was only the art assignments.

I discussed the following:

Munchkin Fail-Gate Followup

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Thanks to everyone with wonderful and solid advice. Here is where we are today:

Her father threatened to take her lizard and bunny away as well as everything else. If her grades do not come up. I offered to work with her on things and she agreed because, as she told me "I will just shut down and not do anything, if my pets are taken away".

We texted back and forth a bit and she told me "I work best my own way, so I dont work the best with you standing over me."