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I made a connection and SD15/16 Backstabber/Munchkin got a job. Its about 5 hours on Saturdays, selling a product at the farmers market.

She initially called my friend and told her she was sick and then called again and told her she didnt think she could do the job.

Then my friend called me, told me this Friday, and dropped a bomb. Toxic Troll took the job. I did fill my friend in on the truth of our relationship with Toxic Troll, but I also told her I knew she really needed someone to help out, and I would never dream of telling her what to do with her business.

Walking Felony

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ok, Steptalkers I need your input. 

For better (or worse), SD has decided to confide in me. She just "wanted my opinion" on something and I have given it, and also gave my word I wouldnt say anything because its her business.

Now Im rethinking things.

SD B/M has revealed that she has a boyfriend. Hes 18 and shes a month away from 16. She asked me "is this bad? We really want to date each other, hes a 'young' senior' and Im afraid that people will judge us as being bad" etc.

Feral Forger SD23 is having a move-ment

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Yes. Finally some news. Husband is driving about 3 hours north to pick her up and packing her stuff in his car and moving her on down. To her mothers. to live.

"Its not a big deal he said". Eff no, that is such a big deal.

"I told you a few days ago". Erm no, you must have told your BFF and THOUGHT you told me because thats a pretty big deal and I would have remembered that.

Prom-gate and the Apologists

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LOL. So Prom-gate is thankfully over. The kids were dressed in their 1920's finery and treated like rock stars. I got to see their limo pictures. I think it was an "actual" date...(grin) And two days later the glow is still shining and kiddo is over-the-moon happy, practically skipping. And showering and taking special care of her nails and general appearance. I might have bought her a cute skirt along the way of running errands.


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WEll, prom went really really well. She was dropped off at our house so, oh well, Toxic Troll Bm got even madder because it was "her weekend", and Id have expected Husbands phone to be blowing up, but this time it was SD B/M's phone. So much drama so little time! 

All I said was "meh, she'll get over it".

I guess Toxic Troll will not be buying her any more things and taking her any more places. Because kiddos is unappreciative (pot calling kettle out).

Prom-Gate & Enmeshment Tales

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So Prom-Gate:

Its Toxic Trolls week to have SD15/16, and its Prom weekend. Last week, Husband had taken SD shopping and bought the dress - she picked out a really cute tube type dress with gathers and spaghetti straps, in a deep burgundy color. Its a 20's theme, so shes been online doing research and ordered a feathered headband, some glass pearls, a faux fur stole, and all that jazz. I lent her another string of (real frsshwater) pearls from my collection as well as a sweet vintage beaded white purse. Im having so much fun watching this creative process unfold.

Feral Forger SD23 and the Big (non) Ask

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The saga continues with a text from Toxic Troll to Husband:

"you can use your truck to pick Feral Forger up and bring her stuff with her to my place. She is your CHILD"...(of course she likes to add that...)

Husband: no response.

We actually had a few conversations about this.

1. First off, WHY is Toxic Troll telling MY husband what "he can do". Hes no longer her husband. She is no longer his wife.

Feral Forger Boomeranging Back

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Its been about 2 months since Feral Forger Sd23 moved out of Toxic Trolls apartment. Things were peaceful. She moved aproximately 2.5 hours away from us. No drama. 

Until Wednesday evening I was casually chatting with SD15almost16. Feral Forger had taken a train into town, paid for by hr boyrfriend and not contacted or mentioned it to Dh. And neither did SD15/116 nor Toxic Troll apparently.

When she had left, as told to me, she called Toxic Troll and wanted to move back in with her because she had lost her job and couldnt pay rent. This is the story:

Boredom Chronicles - Night out - Advice Taken

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Ever since School-gate of last April 2021, I have been taking everyone's advice (full disclosure I cherry pick) and have been refocusing my energies and attentions in many other areas other than SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin. She gets no attention from me other than 'good morning, hello, goodnight, hows it going'. She has over this past year to inlcude all last year largely spent all her visitation time in her room, on the phone.

New Territory - SM and non-SM

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SM - things have shifted greatly this year. Toxic Troll works (!) and her schedule is the same as the school schedule, so she picks up SD15.5 after school on her weeks, and sometimes on DH's. She got money for her tax returns claiming Sd, and spent $ on her ROTC Cadet Ball. In fact she took her to purchase everything, on Dh s week, nothing came out of pockets. And we were not asked nor were we included in anything.