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SD20 is looking for new digs

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Because mommy dearest Toxic Troll is moving within a few weeks. Luckily its an apartment that is close by, but just a little further away.

FEral Forger actually, during drop off of Munchkin SD13, was there and said hello, and gave her dad a hug. Then TT said "she is looking for a new place", and Feral Forger has the nerve to ask daddy dearest "can I move to your place?"

Yeah, over my dead body will that be occurring.

OT- Rear-ended yesterday (Tuesday)

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This is actually my first time and I am over the age of 50, so I guess I was due.

The kid (kid because he barely just turned 20, and looked barely 18), was speeding and not watching and hit me, pushing me forward, and luckily I saw it was about to happen, and pushed the brakes so that I wouldnt hit the car in front of me. Also luckily it was a street thing not a highway thing.


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We signed the closing documents to our house and the deed has been transfered!

What a process! We are very happy, as its been a long and tough road. Through everything my parents have been wonderful, although difficult on schedules. A notary came to our house and luckily munchkin SD13 was at a birthday party, and we could thrash out our nervous energy cleaning.

The notary came to our house, and explained things. It wasnt that hard, but it was good to get through it all.

Something wrong with Munchkin SD13 (*edited)

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This is one of those instances that we all experience at one time or another. That helpless feeling when someone we love "has something wrong" with them medically.

Toxic Troll took munchkin to the DR for a general physical, and shes got something wrong

Can I say that I hate this?

ALL I can do is hope, and pray, and be supportive for DH.

Thank you for the prayers, and good thoughts.


Munchkin on the warpath

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Just a little bit of an update.

Last night, while driving Munchkin home from her gmas house, we got into one of our many anti-Feral Forger conversations. We seem to get caught up these tense feedback loops whereby she will go into details of how lazy, mean and rude her sister is. And then reminisce about her past transgressions. I can see that she is hurt, and resentful. Shes normally so sweet and loving, and I think sometimes I encourage this releasing of resentment, because she feels safe with me and because I lived it too at one time.


Munchkin SD13 and just like mom

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So, Ive been here a little while. And while things arent perfect, they have been good for some time now, since I started a wonderful new job, and we are still in the process of buying our house that weve been renting - and good news we are almost there. Just the closing disclosure, and closing documents and we are done.

My issue today is what I THINK is Munchausen by proxy. However it shakes down (sorry for earthquake reference its 30 year anniversary and all over the news here in California) I am concerned for Munchkin SD13.

(hopefully) Successful Negotiations

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I posted a link about chores today on a support site and my regular FB.

Since Monday there has been some tension in the house. It centers around chores, of all things. Not infidelity, not drugs or gambling issues, or being beaten regularly. Chores. There is a purity to its simplicity but it is actually a complex subject as I am finding.

My issue was that Munchkin was asked by me to do certain things. She flat out refused. Because I had given a choice. Fair enough.


Something rotten in the state of Denmark

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All this long 5 years and a few months of being with DH, Ive worked to try to figure out all the different ropes of threads of all the different games that Toxic Troll Bm is playing with DH. He might spend 2.5 brain cells on it, which is why I think her games might be effective - he is always in last-minute-respond mode rather than having a plan of any kind. No calculations of moves and counter moves. I give him helpful hints, coach him on the necesity of strong boundaries and how to enforce them.