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Health Insurance

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Curious if anyone of you darling people have feedback on this topic.

I just recently started a new job that is awesome. I make great money (almost exactly the same as DH), and the most incredible benefits. I have not only medical, but Dental and Vision and they are known to be good plans in general (Anthem Blue Cross...)

I added DH. He also has employer-paid medical, but not dental or vision.

DH asked me to add Munchkin SD12 because her mother just lost her job that had great benefits (the same as mine) and previously had BOTH children on there with herself.


Jumping Jack Flash Gas update

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DH came home after taking off his superman cape, and we lit a fire, and snuggled close, had some wine, and...

I got really mad.

Like furious mad. DH also got mad. He swooped in to rescue Toxic Troll so he can keep her mobile, so he doesnt have to drive as much and get stuck in traffic, for his daughter....etc.

I asked him what transpired in their conversation.

He said: "I told her that CLove is not happy with me doing this, that this is disrespecting our marriage, that with all the guys she is dating she needs to not call me."


Jumping Jack Flash - Toxic Troll is out of gasgasgas

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And who does she call when her car stalls 3 blocks from her nasty apartment, who does she ask "can you turn around?" as he is running Munchkin SD12 to school like he does every single day, and then gets himself to work, where he wrenches all day every day so he can pay and pay and pay? Yup, you guessed it!!!!

She ran out of freaking gas. And calls MY husband, asking can he rescue her!!!!!!!


Silence has broken...(sung to the tune "morning has broken")

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Well, it has happened. I knew it would happen eventually, and was right! Toxic Feral Eldest has now had a falling out with her mother, Toxic Troll, over money owed for rent and for rides to her work (TFE doesnt drive at age 19.5 and would uber, so Toxic Troll has been her uber). TFE SD19, texted her father, DH, after a long silence, accusations of abuse and then ignoring during Munchkin SD12 pickups, last night.

Ready, set, GO!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you Steptalkers!

And happy friday.

Today is my (hopefully) last day as a temp. I am taking a quick break from all the "cleanup madness", because I want to make certain that things are ok for when I am gone. I have officially not officially closed my contract and have a week of prep/break before I start my new position January 2!

New Year, new job! Twice as much money, Medical, Dental, Vision, RETIREMENT! Oh and nice people 9I hope)

New year, new life.

SD - weekend and major discussion

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This weekend was - interesting. I feel great that I had a big talk with Munchkin SD12.5, but not great that I spent a big chunk of change on her Sunday afternoon.

My issue currently with Munchkin is that she doesnt listen or help. She always just wants to sit on her behind and eat and text and watch things on her phone. The entire time. Its to the point where she does this at restaurants. DH sometimes tells her "no phone", sometimes not.

OT -DH family not including me...

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So - perhaps I am being overly emotional about this ch!t.

DH has a big - very big famiy on his side. And I feel like the entire time I have been ignored, and blocked out, over 4.5 years. Like an appendage, a wall flower. I only go to gatherings and the occasional dinner. But I have been to pretty much EVERY gathering. And its the same thing, always. They get into their cliques. Its all about them. And what an awesome, loving family they are. Ive never been engaged in a conversation, I have tried many times to engage them in conversations, only to be ignored.

Christmas Program update

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I went home just a bit early, put on a sparkly top, did my makeup and just generally looked awesome (wink). Even had time for some hijinx.

Munchkin SD did what I thought she would and texted everyone that she "needed a dress, could we bring one". I put two dresses plus some lack boots, and a pair of my pants in a bag for her, as it was a black-white theme. We get there a little late, the parking was clogged, and Munchkin was waiting anxiously for us so she could change from her ripped jeans into something nice. We were all super excited for her and she was excited and happy. 

Christmas Program tonight - kinda nervous

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Munchkin SD12 has her Christmas program tonight. Last year she was in beginning orchestra and this year she is in advanced orchestra - playing the violin.

I wasnt nervous until just now - Toxic Troll BM MIGHT be there (she was there last year with soon-to-be-ex-bf Tweedle Dum). Toxic Feral Eldest MIGHT also be there. Havent seen her since Christmas last year.

So much has happened this year and now for sure she wont ask us to save a place!

Im going to leave a bit early, and get myself dolled up. Just to feel a little less nervous. Yah know?


Dr Phil show airing custody battle

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I dont typically for this kind of show, but this caught my eye! Father finds out kid is his at 3 years old, tries to have a relationship, mother tries to block him. BM is accusing BF of PAsing with lies to CPS.

Looks like a blog waiting to happen on Steptalk.