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Quick update

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I feel like Alice in Wonderland sometimes. And thanks to all that commented and advised.

Im wondering on your take on this...

Guess what - I took the advice and have disengaged. Now I am simply watching and have no emotional investment.

Quick update

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Well I always knew that this particular group has "clear slate syndome". Wake up and its a new day, folks.

Everyone is happier than ever!

Husband is kind and loving and happily hanging out.

SD16 B/M bought a little mini pie-maker with her party money and happily showed it off to me.

Everyone is happy and cheerful. Things got "fixed". No one is talking about it.

My friend tells me "its their way, you either go with it or go away"... they deal with things and move on.

Maybe all this time Ive been over thinking things. Just wipe the slate clear.

Update to the Mary Poppins Debacle

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Welp. Here I am. Writing this update, still trying to put everything into its right place.

The big picture is that Husband has zero conflict resolution skills. Any issues that come up are blown way up. And of course if there are miscommunications with SD16 B/M it adds that bitter flavor of her toxic passivity.

That being stated up front, here is where we are:

Eviction Take 2. Good news or?

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Well, here I was thinking my step sitch cant get any worse, and Husband texted me he found out this morning that Toxic Troll BM got a 30-day eviction notice.

That means Feral Forger SD23 will be evicted too.

Good: (not for us) Feral Forger will be on the loose? Or weasel her way into new place. She def wont come to us after her major spewage about how I am horrible. Its all open now how she feels, and no more bridges, theyve all been burned to the ground.

Mary Poppins and my popped bubble of happiness

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Just here to vent.

A few weeks ago, I co-hosted a party. A garden party. SD16 B/M helped set up and clean up and was paid $60 for her efforts. She had a great time and socialised with my vry nice friends. There were a few kids there and she was invited to one of thems birthday party to which she said she wanted to go.

Everything seemed really great (back then). She really was a hit with my friends and she really liked them in return. She came out of her shell and we had some really great conversations.

RE-writing History - its a new class in high school

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Last night, after being kind of a jerk, SD16 B/M was wonderful and we had an interesting and fun conversation. Its like a lightbulb, how her personality changes. Is that typical teen mood swing? I wouldnt know, this is my first time going through this.

Many different topics came up, with the main theme being her sister, Feral Forger SD23. Always part and parcel of that theme is how victimized her mother Toxic Troll is. ALWAYS. And now its reached a new height (or low...)