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Toxic Troll attempted to overdose in front of Munchkin today

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And Im REALLY trying to muster up some empathy for her. She did not succeed, and Feral Forger was able to calm her down over the phone, long distance, but it feels like a huge pile of stinky smely cr@ppy drama.

Munchkin is stressed, and telling me (via text) that her Aunty Crazy Troll called the grands, who already called the police, who have already been there and gone.


Growing of a Backbone. The DH Chronicles

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So, last night was a big night. We got cable and now Dh can sit in his man-cave and watch multiple channels. In fact, he can channel surf. Swtch between multiple football games.

But, I still hang out there too, with him sometimes. Its our "talking" space, where Munchkin SD14 doesnt get to overhear and subsequently chime in on our discussions.

Rant and Steplife win with mixed (up) results

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So, the darn bass guitar FINALLY arrived safe and sound with much fan fare and mail tracking involved. Luckily it had nothing to do with me and never will. Not that I opposed to bass guitars, just that we have a rocker kiddo across the street and bass guitars need amplifyers. And it was SUPPOSED to be a cheap $20 flute.

But Munchkin SD14, in true kiddo fashion took that $20 offer to "parlay" it into a $90 purchase that she found on Amazon.

Starting to get a little resentful

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Munchkin SD14, as sweet as she can be, is really getting on my nerves recently. I dont know what it is, its possibly because shes a teenager me steptalkers, help me off this ledge of resentment Im on.


ive been working all day every day. This is her week with us. NO HELP at all, and dirty dishes in the sink. I guess its lucky that she makes her own food now.

She talks incessantly about nothing, all night. I guess we are lucky that she is communicating.

Please send a storm and some prayers

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My beloved home state is burning as I type this. My cousins and friends are evacuated. More are scrambling to safety, letting their animals loose to give them a chance of survival. Homes are burning to the ground.Thousands of hundred plus year old oaks, acres of grasslands and chapparral are ash now. The sun is red.

Happy Friday - someone won the lottery & it isnt me

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Toxic Troll, who has been building up a case the past 4 years, hoping to win a big payout, informed Munchkin SD14, that she "won her case and is getting more money..." She doesnt know that that means, just that she will be buying an SUV after she gets the cash.

Im hoping its not another BMW with expectations of my husband working on it.

OT - Toxic Troll's poor suffering pooch

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*** Trigger warning *** Animal abuse *** need some adivce

I am now reading up on animal mites and mange.

SD14 Munchkin started her week with us, and came out of her room to give us detailed stories of her mothers puppy. She had been for the past month or so, having skin issues. We spoke of allergies or fleas. They have no other animals except a rabbit and the dog barely gets outside for a walk. Shes part husky part shiba inu, and has a lot of energy...


"Second Marriage" Anniversary Should be celebrated

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Some musings on wedding anniversaries. Because we just had our second. 

Some things that have been going through my mind lately during this COVID-19 lockdown are that with all the statistics out there, why arent second marriages celebrated, even MORE SO than the first. Second marriages are almost twice as likely to fail, mostly when there are children from the first marriage involved. Second marriages are HARDER, so every year you make it together is a BIGGER success.