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Toxic Troll just CANNOT lay off and crawl under her rock!

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Im getting pretty upset as I emotionally prepare for todays celebration of life for my MIL.

MIL passed away Friday night after our Vigil and we had already gone home and were in bed when the call came.

Its been non-stop family gatherings and today is another one for the celebration of life and viewing.

So - I saw that Toxic Trol had posteda  lovely photo (that she stole from a FB family member) and included the following text:

Vigil Crashers

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There is definitely a need for a Vigil/Funeral Bouncer.

So - updates.

Good news: DH received a distress call from SIL, who was so angry and pissed and stressed out. Toxic Troll was getting in the way, and so was Feral Forger. When they were tyring to change pads for MIL, they were right there, in the way.

Because they have RIGHTS.

DH yesterday, actually told her no, do NOT come. I was so proud. The first 2 days of the vigil, he would leave earlier than he wanted specifically because SHE was arriving.


Feral Forger SD20 and her new job and college classes

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Doesnt that sound like a nice caption, with all kinds of promise for a post about Feral Forger and her New Year - New Leaf, all the possibilities for becoming a better version of herself?

Yeah, well, no. She has been comming to the family vigils over MIL, along with the severely unwelcome Toxic Troll, who sits around, gets in the way and eats all the food.

And has apparently been bragging about her new job and her college classses.

Post Script - Waiting on Mother in law

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Well, last night was pretty heavy. Thanks STalkers for hanging in there with me. Its an emotionally loaded time for my family. More on that...

Dh and I had it out, and picked at the scabbed wound called Feral Forger. He knows how I feel, and I know how he feels. I told him, "hey, my feelings are MY feelings, and its ok for me to have them."

Poem to my MIL

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so we got into a huge fight tonight,

turns out he HATES the part of me that HATES HIS PRECIOUS FIRST BORN DAUGHTER. Wow. He doesnt consider the effort and love i give his youngest. Guess her and I were both right!

 I went to the home and everyone was gathered there.

everyone was crying. i supported everyone. i brought tissues. i hugged. i hugged hard. i stayed out of the way.

but husband was very raw/ and i poked my finger in the sore. frick. He said it and I asked for divorce.And he said ok.

Dhs Mom critacally ill - hope I dont have to see Feral Forger and Toxic Troll

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Its here. Shes 97 1/2. A very long and prolific existence. Dh is the youngest of 13.

Last week she was at the hospital and now shes at home, and they are giving her MAYBE 2 days. Ive had flu bug for 2 days but Im told it doesnt matter, just come to the house. Everyone is gathering. I dont feel at all bad that I am hoping and praying I wont see Feral Forger SD20 or her mother Toxic Troll BM.

Toxic Troll wants a bar in her living room and other daily chuckles

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Ok, I KNEW ToxicTroll was crazy and now this proves my point.

Toxic Troll was recently eveicted from her place of residence at the end of November.

She did not move her furnishings.

Munchkin SD13 has a bean bag to sleep on, Feral Forger has her old bed in the living room. Feral Forger recently acquired a job working graveyard, thusly comes to apartment and sleeps all day or goes off to party and play with friends.

Happy New Year Steptalkers - gains and losses

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Well, another year is upon us. I took a bit of a computer break this vacation. Was too lazy to even comment about it. Did a bit of cleaning and organizing.

NYE, my Dh, myself, and a female mutual friend splurged on tickets to an 80's party, and my husband suprised me with an overnight stay in an oceanside luxury hotel. Sounds nice right?


It started out ok. Then slid into a ditch, was saved and ended well until DH got sick from "tequila flu". He is not a person who drinks, and his body has trouble processing alcohol.

Munchkin Sd13 Apologized...!

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WEll gash darn it, this kid is growing up!

She was nice enough all day, but around mid afternoon, called to me as I was passing her, and we had a nice conversation about things that had happened Christmas Day.

Muchkin said that she was sorry that she had reacted badly to my offer of taking her clothes shopping instead of game shopping, and that she was sorry she had cried and "been selfish". WOW! I mean, simply wow. I am so proud of her.

Regression and progression and merry day after...

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Thank you to everyone for the open and honest input from my Christmas post.

First - I turned it around this time. Instead of staying around, feeling bad because shes cying (I imagined) in her room, avoiding me and cleaning or lounging in a dark living room in my jammies watching netflix movies (which under any other circumstances would have been wonderful), instead I put my stuff in my backcpack and drove to the coast and walked on a trail along the beach.