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Back-to-school Blues

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Well, thanks all for the "pep-talks"

Updates to information - Toxic Troll is baaaaack at her apartment, so now we know that all is well in Toll-Land.

Dh dropped by to drop some b-day money off for Feral Forger so she cant accuse him of being a horrible father who doesnt love her. Not a big deal.

But in texting with Munchkin SDalmost 14 now, she is back to school distance learning April 6, and there is no wifi at the Toll Bridge apartment.

Not because of ability to pay, but because Troll lacks the brain cells to set up wifi at her apartment.

BMW Blues

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Welll, a little bit o'sad, a little bit o'mad and a little bit lol's.

So heres the story I got this morning:

Toxic Troll Bm went several miles south to either be with or meet up with one of her "dudes". During a strict shelter-in-place lockdoen order. Shes not working so not at all considered "essential". To a little resort town.

She left Munchkin SD13, pupster and Feral Forger SD21 there alone in the crappy little apartment.

AND, she broke down.

Of course who does she call, yup, my husband the mechanic. "what do I do?"

COVID-19 results negative, twisted ankle

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To re-cap:

Feral Forger SD21(emotionally 12), had to spend her 21st bday quarantined after being tested for the COVID-19 virus. Boo hoo, call the whaaaaaaambulance. She wanted to go out, even after having the flu, but I guess her friends are no where to be found and she still has no driver's license.

Sd13 has continued to go Gray Rock. Because "Kitten-Gate". I sent her some nice photos of the hugely happy kitten with her new person. No response. Told her I heard the news about her sister possibly being COVID-19 positive, no response.

Update in Clove-Land

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Hello all on this first day of Spring. A day that will go down in history due to this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Firstly - to all you Steptalkers that are suffering at home with their demon-spawn stepkids, I am SOSOSO sorry for this pain that you must endure. I will NOT spout that credo we have "you must realize that BM might kickoff at any time and you will be stuck with full-time demon-spawn". This is a dress-rehersal for that.


OT: Update - Clove and the "essentials" - now on lockdown

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Upate: 3/17/2020 4:06 Tuesday

Monterey County is now on "shelter in place orders"


The good and the bad:

1. In my job, with my organization, we are in the food provider industry, in a round about way. This is good on to find out why...

2. In my area, in Santa Cruz County, they have instituted a "shelter in place" SIP, aka lockdown with fines and possible jail time, as of yesterday. The day before was San Francisco, about 80 or miles north of me. I think my hometown, Monterey County (moco), is next. 


breaking Bad (boundaries) Edited ***

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Ok so I know this is so freaking minor, but when Toxic Troll signed the receipt for last spousal support she reached up and touched DH's hair, said oh i like your hair,

DH is blessed with gorgeous jet black hair and no wrinkles because, Filipino. And hes in his 50's. 

I want to draw blood. Seriously I am wanting to kill this b!tch, but Munchkin.

Luckily Dh told her to back off, then talked about it to munchin, how she violated boundaries.

AND I JUST heard about this, Frick.

Edited to add:


Update - End of Spousal Support!!!

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Thanks to everyone, for your input last week.

So, a nice weekend was had by all, Munchkin SD13 included.

To recap - Friday of last week, I took off half day from work, and DH and I marched on down to the county courthouse and obtained a certified copy of his divorce documents. As I had noted and found in a previously notarized document, the term of spousal support for Toxic Troll was to be 3 years and 11 months, beginning April 2016, and Ending March 2020.

Machete Man and Toxic Troll Chronicles

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Well, hello again.

The New Story of Hawaii 51-Five Oh.

Toxic Troll, at Munchkin SD13 drop off, was eager to share her story with DH (because, victim). This was before Toxic Sunday of course.

So.....get your popcorn ready.

From the moment she landed, Toxic Troll was in for a bumpy road on her Maui vacation.


Mahalo & Machete

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So...knowing that a few weeks of vacation without any kind of drama just simply cannot happen any time that Toxic Troll is involved with anything, my expectations have been met last night.

The story goes that Yesterday sometime Toxic Troll and her "Friend" were at the house where she had been staying during her vacation. Her "Friend" had some sort of "episode" (drug-induced freak out?) and grabbed a Machete (I cannot even type this without thinking of Danny Trejo...) and told her that he hoped "she had enjoyed Hawai'i because today is gonna be your last day".