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Triggered by resentment

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Today I realized how much resentment I have inside for Munchkin SD13. I generally love her and we are peas in a pod. But this morning, triggered by something I THOUGHT she did, I just about went off the deep end of the anger chasm. It was one of those weird things. I was in a rush to get out the door, was late, and went to the laundry pile on the couch in our 2 nd living room to get some clothes (yeah, I dont like folding laundry!) I felt around and there was a pile of wet clothes there some mine. I flew into a rage, ran over to Munchkins door, and knocked VERY aggressively.

OT *trigger warning* DHs good friend arrested for vehicular manslaughter

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This is a tough one. He is definitely guilty. But she wasnt at all innocent.

DHs friend from childhood, whom he drops(dropped) in on daily was arrested this past Tuesday, only moments after DH was visiting him at his home in a nearby town. Its on the way home from work and picking up munchkin. Let me begin by saying he is actually nice, and theyve been close friends for 40 years, or more.

Borderline Personality - where to start? Please help

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So, having gone through mental issues with a step child, this is a familiar story with a possible bad or good ending. 

However this post isnt for me, but a friend of mine. She is ESL, so she has a tough time with language, and communication. Thats not the main issue, just a small part of things.

She is a step mother to 3 children - SD20. SD17, SS15. They are ALL a product of a really messed up situation whereby their mother jailed their father a number of times, and would hit herself to fake abuse. Just some really messed up stuff. Drugs, and drinking were also involved.

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaack

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So - update: The b!tch is back. Feral Forger showed up last Thursday (today being Wednesday thats almost a week ago for clarification).

She's been locked up in a hospital phsych ward under a 5150 order. And she's showed up last week, but for some reason Toxic Troll, HCGUBM did not think it worthwhile enough to mention. Not to Munchkin SD13 nor DH, the people it really affects.

Yet another WTF moment

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So, I love Social Media. But right now I hate it.

My DH JUST #1. sent me a meme about step parents loving their step kids like they were their own.

My Dh just posted a lovely cartoon strip showing two bio parents with their baby, her breastfeeding, and they are all crashed on the couch together, her breastfeeding just like I imagine he and toxic troll did back in the day. Both characters googly eyed over fat baby.

I am really hurt. We never had that. I have no bios. I wished I did. He knows this.

For some reason that cartoon posting really crushed me.

The Im Bored chronicles

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This will be short, because Im already tired of thinking about it.

I took Munchkin SD13 to a VERY big Music/Art festival this weekend. She seemed excited to go, its 2 days, and the second day she said no, Ill stay home because the same people (meaning vendors) are going to be there and I am afraid of being BORED.

I thought this would be a good time to spend time together, but I guess shes just wanting to be with her friends.

Deal with the Devil

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This is a sort of funny post - not a problem, that I need advice on.

So, to just lay it on the line: SD13 is a heavy girl, really cute, but 50lbs overweight  - 5' and 163 lbs.

She has a mother, Toxic Troll who is considered obese at 5'3" and 220 lbs. Ive mentioned previously that she buys her daughter treats and "goodies" like cupcakes and pies and cookies, and will "drop them off" at our house. When its her time, Munchkin SD tells me its all fast food.

Cars, Stones and backpacks

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It was a whirlwind of activity on our end. As it was a skid-free weekend, it was enjoyable in me being all about me, instead of worrying about Munchkin SD13 and her entertainment.

Firstly, the area I live near was all about cars for the whole darn week, culminating in a huge show and lots of parties. We saw cars that are concepts, so they are not even available on the market. Cars from the 1930's. Lamborginis, Ferraries, and all that.


Close of Mail-gate opening of 5150-gate

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Its like watergate but without any presidential ties or conspiracies.

Whelp, DH got a series of texts last night from Toxic Troll. She has admitted Feral Forger to the local hospital under a 5150 hold. Unfortunately the hospital sais that there are no additional beds for her so she will have to be shipped out of town or out of state, according to TT.




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Im so angry right now, that I cannot even speak. Which is why I am typing instead.

Toxic Troll decided to just drop by when we werent home from work yet, and stuff our mailbox with some fruit snacks crap for Munchkin SD13 (who btw is overweight).

I absolutely hate when she has done that. Especially after last years toxic rant from her. DJ absolutely cannot enforce boundaries with her! I have mentioned it time and again, no "just dropping by" and he refuses to address it becasuse, well you know Golden Uterus.