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Taking a Break part deux

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Yep, so this morning, because DH claims that he doesnt have the ability to manage Munchkins schooling and that I over think, I sent him screen captures of her Gradebook from Parent Portal with a summary (failing orchestra, doing poorly in English, but everything else is good) then the screen caps of details, missing work etc in all classes.

Taking a break

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Well, I did it and boy a I GLAD.

I hit my breaking point with everything and everyone.

Toxic Troll's lies and manipulations, her enmeshment with Munchkin SD14.

Feral Forgers lies and manipulations and enmeshment with Toxic Troll.

Munchkin SD14 who aligns herself with TT against Feral Forger, enmeshed beyond enmeshed.

I feel like I put so much energy, intention and attention to build Munchkin up and help her become strong and independent and she turns around and gives it all directly to TT. 

Your choosing cLove over your own daughter

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Daddy doesnt loooooovvvveeee meeeeeee.


I know this wasnt meant for me, it was meant to hurt DH, which it didnt, but I just have had enough of these shenanigans. Enough already!

Toxic Troll (Humpty Troll) was harassing DH about "her" refund money, and then poked and prodded with the following:

And...Munchkin pulls a knife

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Well, folks, if you dont know by now, this is kinda funny.

Munchkin is 5'2" and her sister is maybe shorter. They are both stocky-ish. 

Munchkin is typically soft-spoken, very sweet and kind. Gentle until you p!$$ her off. Shes told me stories of punching bullies that have pushed her. But with me, always kind and patient.

Well the bull is outta tha pen folks!!!

DH just texted me that Munchkin SD14almost15 pulled a knife on Feral Forger SD22. Ill keep y'alls posted.

Humpty Troll

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I generally have empathy and do not wish bad on my fellow human.

Toxic Troll is now Humpty Troll.

Apparently she fell in the bath tub the other day washing the dog (husky mix medium size) and was taken by ambulence to the hospital, where is was determined she broke some ribs.

7 years ago Memory Triggers

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My message today has been how far along things have come in the 7 years since the Facebook memory that popped up this morning. It was a post with photos of my friends art gallery and her dog, in a tourist town near where I lived. I would help out there sometimes.

- 7 years ago, DH and I were "friends", getting closer.

Feral Forger SD21 and I

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yesterday I took a personal day.

And took Feral Forger SD21 out for a burger.

I had reached out and we sort of chatted the night before so I though "what the heck its a bit of closure and healing".

I picked her up and she had bathed, but her nails were chipped, her skin super bumpy, she looked pale and out of it (but not as out of it as Christmas!)

I took her texted order, prepaid and picked her up after locking my purse in the trunk.

Twisted Triangulation and Taxes

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As an addendum to my previous blog "Twisted Vines", I wanted to add the wonderfulness of the whole Toxic Troll wants half our child tax credit and NOW half our child stimulus payment.

Revealing note: I filed taxes Feb 15. No refund as of yet. No info on refund tracking. DH has received numerous texts asking for "her half".

Twisted Vines of Non-Truths (again)

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So, things have been quiet in Toxic Troll world with Feral Forger SD21  sort of being nice and normal. Until Munchkin SD14 comes to our house for her weekly vistation. Munchkin is a buffer between the two, and when its just them, things always blow up eventually. Because they are twins. Feral Forger is Toxic Trolls not-so-mini-me.

First off, I have taken advice to heart. But still need a vent sesh with you all to unleash that beast that wants to yell and gnash teeth.

Parenting - the Americans are crazy with child-centric rearing

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As a Step parent with no bios of my own, I found this EXTREMELY interesting. All the stuff that I see step parents having extreme issues with, completely laid out, but with actual solutions and reasonings. 

Here it is with the article included:

*** Begin Article ***