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The Absence

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Our first anniversary, we decided to "plan something fun" and get out of dodge (town) for the weekend. Of course Toxic Troll had to cause a blip or it wouldnt be interesting right?

It started off great - Toxic Troll arrived late Friday evening from her out of town excursion to that mysterious place in Southern CAlifornia we know not where but suspect is in fact Disneyland.

Shes like the frickn "Bloody Finger"  - "Im 10 miles away, Im turning on A street, now turning on N street, now out front: Im like, "hello Bloody finger, no bandaid for you!!!"

Role reversal - who wears the dress now?

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DH has done a complete reversal on his quest to jump through hoops for Toxic Troll BM.

She asked for this week to do some mysterious ...traveling.... to a place that cannot be named...that exists in Southern California ... that has a mouse and a duck .... and princesses...

And in return we"get" this weekend to do "our thing", which is enjoy our first year of wedded bliss.

So what does DH do, as she is currently driving back to our town?

He asks Munchkin SD13, "how would you feel if your mother went to Disneyland without you?"


Toxic Troll is trippin

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Toxic Troll has JUST recieved her big workmans comp settlement. After the lawyers fees and the monthly stipend, theres enough left over to:

1. Buy a car so she can become an uber driver, her newest money-making idea (not too shabby, people do make a living if they are smart about it. She drinks a lot and takes different medications as well as smokes the herbal essense so it will either curtail her recreational usages, or be a super part-time gig.

Internal conflict - like the push me pull you

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Remember Dr Dolittle's Push-Me-Pull-you, sort of an alpaca type creature with 2 heads?

I am experiencing some internal conflict and this time DH made notice and spoke of it. So funny because he sees the outward manifestation of things, comments and then I think about it and figure out the source.

You see, I have a reall good relationship with Munchkin SD13. We have these great conversations, she shares her feelings and all is good in the world. If there is a flare of something, we work it out, work past it, or move on from it. I love her very much.

Following and Unfollowing - Toxic Troll Strikes again!

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I need some advice Steptalkers.

What should I do?

I like and enjoy social media, perhaps a bit too much. I do both Instagram and Facebook, while Dh does mainly Facebook. He has an instagram account, however he doesnt use it at all, really, hasnt even made a single post until yesterday, but Ill get to that in a sec.


May the Fourth be with you (the Pouty chronicles)

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So this is one of those almost-comical too common stories. Disney Dadee giving in to pouty kiddo, and telling SM that "they are the adult, but they are acting like a child, they are the problem" kind of story.

The Fourth, we are not supposed to have Munchkin SD13, its Bm's time/holiday. Munchkin, however has other plans. We wanted to sort of keep things mellow, do our own thing, but she is insisting her mother never does anything can she please come with us...

Which is fine.


Toxic Troll and her crazy post

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Yes, I know that I shouldnt go there, but I monitor, as a type of protection.

Toxic Troll, for her "Happy Father's Day" FAKEbook post uploaded an old photo of SDs and said "Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad ever, and the best Ex Husband Ever - DH's Name Here"

Im like, "hello? Did an alien take over your social media???"

If youve read even 1 of my posts, its always how UTTERLY TOXIC Toxic Troll is. She has called DH every harsh, critical, demeaning, trashy thing you can call another human being. I am floored.


Chris Pratt and his #2 Wedding backlash

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Classic! We talk about it all the time here on ST, and it NEVER seems to change.

The birthing of his child MUST be the happiest day of his life, right? How dare he disregard his first family so blatantly!

Quick to point out, that the child in question was born prematurely with health issues, and it was a stress-filled day. How about his child bringing him happiness and joy by existing and the wedding being just plain a happy day, without step dramam?

Not going to happen because people out there consider children to be their whole reason for existing.