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The totally (non) romantic (non) vacation of CLove, and her man

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Whelp. Happy Monday I am so glad you are here!

The vacation started out great. We lazed around until the last minute and then a flurry of packing (on my list of what NOT to do next time). SD15 Backstabber-now-refered to as Munchkin Wife, was all packed up early. She seemed excited and happy and on best behavior the whole day before.

We had a friend who would come over and take care of the dragon, two rabbits, cat and dog. He hangs out ever week so everyone knows him well by now anyway. Nice chap.

Im a Wheel - take a bet

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not a topic title, its the song title Im listening to. Plus a topic title. A two-fer.

So - an interesting turn of the wheel...

DH mentioned that SD15 B/M would be with us early, and my "spidey senses" went off, because we are a bit high strung over plans for our 4-day trip. "Whats wrong I ask?" he responds with "the girls are fighting again, so she will be with us early". 

I texted SD15 B/M, "whats the issue", to see if she would tell me the truth. Her phone broke and oh yea her sister was insulting her.

The Big Trip (on the pathway to disengagement there are many potholes)

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Ok, so if you have read my blogs, you know that I am TRYING to disengage. Trying very hard to not care, not talk about things, not be involved in a "parental role" with SD15. And even now, I am reliving all the nasty texts from Toxic Troll regarding SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin's feelings towards me...all the negative crap revolving around skid.

Well, I have organized a trip for all of us. For a few reasons. Sd hasnt gone on any trips except for day excursions, with us EVER. She indicated she wanted to go, so I figured it would buy me some "golden stars" as well as good behavior.


SMs please protect your children

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Not having any of my own, maybe that has made me a bit overprotective of other peoples.


1. If a step child has caused a brain injury to your bio child, or any other injury, please do not let that child be around unsupervised. Install web cams. Leave and live separately. Do not allow this child near yours ever again. This applies to fur kids too.

2. If a step child threatens violence to anyone, or is in fact violent, please call the police. Put that stinker in the clinker.


Stuff it DOWN

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I just had to get this out. Today.

So...things with SD15 backstabber/Munchkin have been pretty smooth sailing. Each of us on best behavior, me leaving her completely alone (even when she asked me for dandruff shampoo, I just refer to her father "ask your father"...) and yesterday we all went out for a nice lunch.

A new place. Expensive.

I brought up subject of school, asked "so heard anything about how school will go this fall" innocuous. 

Her: "oh yeah for sure my ROTC will be in person, but I havent heard anything else..."

Happy Birthday

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Greetings fellow Steptalkers!

I am very grateful for all of you who have supported me all these years and given me advice from the heart, I truly appreciate each of you (not the trolls...) and am sending out my love to all here that have been through my step-journey, every step of the way. You have lifted me out of some of my darkest caverns and with humor, intelligence, intention and love and have made the difference in my life that no others can.


Just reading through here and wishing everyone well. 

4th of July and PLANS

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Well, this past weekend ended up strangely and now I have a cough.

I tend to pack in the weekends with go-with-the-flow plans, but I am also wanting to take some earned vacation time as well. SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin was with us for the week (Wednesday to Wednesday ugh. Explanation - she wanted it changed and the parents agreed because of distance learning, ROTC and the difficulties surrounding turning her camera on for extra credit when at Toxic Trolls apartment)

Our weekend went as follows: