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DH now wants help and other funny very short stories

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HA, Im working towards a theme here folks. What it is exactly I have no idea, but another short story:

I had sent DH a little screen shot of a letter from a teacher - SD's Chemistry teacher. You see this week is parent-teacher conference, SD15 is interested in a science-based career and shes gotten a progress report in the class stating shes got a B but "she can do better".

SO when I saw this on the PR, I briefly mentioned the comment and let it go. Forgot all about it.

Sd15.5...or Feral Forger 2.0?

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I thought my fellow steptalkers would get a kick out of this short story:

We only go into SD15's room to feed the Dragon when its her week with Toxic Troll.

Shes typically, since Ive known her the past 8 years, been a neat and tidy kiddo, who enjoys a space thats attractive.

DH and I went in this weekend to feed Dragon.

Clothes (dirty? clean? who knows who cares!) were covering the floor. I joked "must be that new carpet I didnt choose"...

Dh exclaims "I told her to take care of this last weekend she was with us!!!!"

Wedding Bummer Part Deu (oo)

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I got an apology folks. This is a man who never apologises and I got an apology. For his anger leveled at me due to me not knowing the location of the beautiful wedding. As the apology came out, then came the excuses and justifications. Then came my assertion that he has a very low threshhold for patience and its in all things. There is no time when he is NOT impatient. He yells a lot at work when something isnt working right, and his bosses (husband wife team) have spoken to him about it. They are very deep in their religion and never curse.

Discussion Topic - Weaponized Incompetence

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I think many of us can relate to this. I certainly can! I saw it with SDnow22 Feral Forger when she was living with us - she would do the dishes when asked but do them badly - so badly in fact that her father would just give up giving her any dishwashing duty at all. I see that in my husband with respect to household and event planning as well as our general activities. I see it with respect to SD15 B/M's schooling. I see this sometimes with B/M's approach to household chores such as cleaning the bath tub. 

Lets play a game - "My skid is so lazy...[insert example here]"

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My SD15 is so lazy...

She will only subsist all day on leftovers, when there is frozen meals in the freezer as well as sandwhich making food in the fridge purchased specifically for HER.

My SD15 is so lazy...

While subsisting on above referenced leftovers, she will heat them up in the container and then plop it on a paper towel (to avoid using a dish that will need to be washed) and then eat that with her hands (to avoid using cutlery that will need to be washed)

My SD15 is so lazy...

Three-fer and Update on the Toxic Troll/Feral Forger Saga...

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Husband and I have a new thing we get to arg---er--discuss now: his friend of 30 plus years has been "stopping by" once sometimes twice per week for the past 2 plus years. This man is quite nice, quiet and reserved with a really super sweet hound/pit mix whom I love. BUT SERIOUSLY. Im tired of this weekly Housemate who comes over (sometimes when Husband is not there but on his way) trots in with a six pack of beer, his bagged snacks, plops himself down in a leather chair in the man-cave and will sometimes grab the remote.

Stepping out is Stepping Forward

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This is a lesson learned, learned and then learned some more. I just wanted to submit my "progress report", as regards SD15's progress report from school this first quarter.

I manage the school account email. Dh just cannot do it. And I do it to hold him accountable, as well as keep him informed. Im the techie of the family. I accept that responsibility, and its just better and easier. It is what it is.

So this morning I see an email notification for SD15's progress report. Click and "oops THERE it is!"

The punch, that lead to a restraining order, that lead to eviction, or?

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On my drive home, which typically lasts about 45 minutes, I typically call DH or my parents or both. You know, phone calls for catching up quickly or "do we need anything from the store? (beer, veggies, dinner)"

Well, last night on the way home, in conversation with DH, I asked the general questions, he gave the general answers, and I asked "oh, so you are going to so-and-sos house and then dropping off SD15...?" as its her mothers week for visitation.

No "Woe is me" song at the concert for Feral Forger SD22...!

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We went to a concert Saturday night, and who should pop up briefly, but Feral Forger SD22. We live in a small town. It was a sort of pricey ticket at a really nice local venue. Granted, she had the less expensive balcony seat, but for someone who is not working and crying "poor me, no one loves me, life is so HARD", well lets just say that ship has sailed big time. For anyone remaining under any illusions of FF SD needing sympathy and help, the concert took that away.