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Hormonal Teen strikes again

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SD16.5 Power Sulk. So, we got into it last night.

I was home on a vacation day, and somehow things came up. And she exploded on me. I just sat there listening while she railed on and on.

Things had been quiet and nice relatively.

And then POW.

Her main complaint against me is that I ask her to do her dishes and not let them sit. And that I get upset if she doesnt say hello to me. And get mad if she doesnt clean up after herself which is why she spends 98% of her time in her room. My fault. Im evil SM.

The Sounds of Chaos

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Or, Sweetheart Cousin has learned her lessons well.

Christmas Eve: Sweetheart Cousin needs work on her car. She comes over. We chat. She brings up a recent conversation she'd had with Feral Forger SD23, as recently as a few hours prior (it was around noon she showed). To "set the stage", Christmas Eve was to be a big party for Husbands family to gather, exchange presents and do the white elephant exchange.

Chicken Chit SD23 Feral Forger strikes sort of

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Thats my Mothers word for cowards and cowardly bs. And I use it when faced with no better words.

Thank you to Ex Julie and AgedOut for talking me down off the ceiling. And giving the best advice, after Friday night and all that stress. I have taken the advice from them and all of you steptalkers, and will continue to take it. Because it works! She is blocked on my phone. I blocked her on instagram (id forgotten she wasnt blocked)

Stressing about Feral Forger SD23

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I cant stop thinking about Friday night. Not second guessing the rightness of not having her move in "for just a month", but stressing about whats in store for the future.

She has to be out January. I was told this, not by her but by Sweetheart Cousin.

What I suspect will happen, is that Husband will be conscripted to move her stuff for her again. And Im trying to make plans for the holidays.

Because I kept things light and airy, she didnt manage to ruin the weekend. But theres all kinds of possibilities for ruination of Christmas and New Year's.  

23 SD Feral Forger has a sadz

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She called me. I for some reason thought during holidays she might reach out and try to mend things but big heck no on that, and I was very foolish in unblocking her so with that being said...

We were having a really nice Friday evening together. SD16 PS was in her room just hanging out on the phone with friends or whatever. Everything has been going great all week in fact.

Cue the violins indicating something dark twisted and crazy...

Row row row your boat...

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I have commented on a previous post about passive-agressive shunning...

This is why no more outings together

Submitted by CLove on Mon, 12/05/2022 - 1:03pm

when SD16 Powersulk goes anywhere with us these days, she always manages to do one of three things: (1) hijack it somehow (2) Power Sulk - typically because of something Ive said or whatever (3) Order an expensive menu item and not share it and then not finish it.

Which is exactly why this whole topic is especially relevant.

Real, or not real? Truancy report part 2 #2

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Last night, Husband mentioned he got another truancy report...#2. Threatening to prosecute. I asked my teacher friend, she response with "oh they send all kinds of letters trying to scare the parents but they dont do anything about it, its really bad..." etc.

So, he did speak with principal. Principal told him if there are more absences, they will revoke her interdistrict transfer.