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Going Scorched Earth burns ALL the Bridges

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Im a little shaky right now, to be honest.

SD25 Feral Forger asked Husband for money$ today. He showed me the back and forth. After he responded with "Im sorry but I just had to pay property tax and water heater, I cannot help you", she lashed out and went Scorched Earth like nobody Ive ever seen.

It was over help paying a freaking phone bill people.

Driving Miss Daisy Powersulk

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Quick update, and hope you all enjoyed eclips-ing. Several photographer friends got some relly incredible photos and one even did a time lapse series that was jaw dropping. I gardened and planted and enjoyed not watching it.

Thanks for the advice - a resounding series of Dont Do Or Say Anything To Powersulk or Husband about Driving Test, Even If Its Only To Help.

Driving Husband insane...aka Drivers License hijinx

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Just for amusement's sake I thought Id post about the latest and greatest concerning Powersulk SD172monthsfrom18.

Just to get things straight right away - Im definitely not relishing this in any way...Ill repeat that at the end, if you get that far.

So, last week PS was at Toxic Trolls house, and for some reason NOW is the time she decided she can get her permit. Probably because she wants a job. Just a guess.

TT and PS go to DMV. Too late, they are closed. They make an appointment.


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I am feeling pretty good right now.

Just changed the password to my netflix account. In checking the devices logged in, I noticed powersulk has been logging in every day, even after I had alerted her to me shaving down to only 2 devices and can she please log out. I have not mentioned this to her, or husband. Shes with Toxic Troll this week. If she mentions it, while with us, Ill just let her know its ONLY 2 devices and those 2 are our TVs which she is welcome to use.

OT: Solar Eclipse

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I am so thrilled for those of Us Steptalkers that are in line to see this! Hope its not too crazy for you.
Im hoping the skids will not look at the sun without those special glasses! 

Here on the west coast we dont have much in the way of viewing - Im still taking the day off to "experience" it 

Easter Bunny Tattoo anyone?

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Referencing something my Dad just texted me. Hes a comedian.

So, as of Tuesday when the incident happened, much has gone through my head. Reading the comments "Divorce the abusing a$$hole" seems to be the consensus and where things are headed. A natural conclusion. 

But I need to share something with you all, you who have joined me on this journey. 

Tattoo Chapter 3 - the head explosion

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Recap: SD17 Power sulk purchased a tattoo kit online, with money from an "allowance" being given by Toxic Troll. It was sent to our house. I researched, found out what it was, spoke with sweetheart niece, and determined that she would not get her kit until 18. 65 days. Spoke with husband (hes not dear at the point, in case youve missed that...) and he generally agreed with me, and promised that he would not give her kit until 18. I gave it over to him with assurances we were united in this.

What really happened:

Chapter Tat-two

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So, no messages from SD17 Powersulk about packages.

Packages still hidden

Spoke with Husband and he agrees - no she doesnt get the tattoo starter kit until shes 18, and he will explain why.

I had previously had a few more convos with SH Cousin who put the fear into me, so now I understand more about the risks. Unclean needles, unlean gun, inclean anything leads to infection and possible diseases.

Trust that she will do the right thing? hahahah.