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BM demanded we give the kids to her on thanksgiving just… because

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I havn't posted in a long time because we only get the boys every other weekend so I honestly don't think about it much anymore. 

This year we have them for Thanksgiving break. Basically the paper says whenever they are released for break till they have to go back to school. They had a whole week off so we picked them up Friday and technically supposed to drop them off Sunday but their mom asked if she could have them Friday so she doesn't miss her weekend

Basically we would have dropped them off Sunday and pick them up Friday anyway. 


A Zoomed Thanksgiving in cLove-land

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Greetings and I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving Day. We had our very first TG at our home just us (munchkin sd14, me and DH). DH bought a medium size turkey, we did mashed potatoes and I did gravy (from scratch! My mother walked me through it) we had warm artisian rolls, green bean casserole (my first time making that - it was my favorite after the mashed taters) and some canned yams that I spiced up.


Monday Blues

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Anyone else nervous about the "hell" idays?

I guess Ive got the Monday Blues.

To summate:

1. I am still a temp, but yet still making decent money. I really hate this job too. Monday Blues.

2. We got a thorough home inspection. Basically, everything wrong we knew about, plus a few additionals. Like the fact that we cant turn the furnace on because there are cracks in it, plus asbestos in one side of the house heating ducts. It will be a cold winter. Monday Blues.