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Worried about BM racist comments

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So basically this interaction has held on my head for a few weeks now... it happened I believe 3 weeks ago.

I always go with DH to pick up the boys because the one time I didn't I was basically told she started screaming at him that he doesn't pay enough in child support and that his kids hate me and idk... I got the story from a 12 year old. But I started going every time because when she is infront of me for some reason she doesn't even talk to him more than a few words.

BM demanded we give the kids to her on thanksgiving just… because

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I havn't posted in a long time because we only get the boys every other weekend so I honestly don't think about it much anymore. 

This year we have them for Thanksgiving break. Basically the paper says whenever they are released for break till they have to go back to school. They had a whole week off so we picked them up Friday and technically supposed to drop them off Sunday but their mom asked if she could have them Friday so she doesn't miss her weekend

Basically we would have dropped them off Sunday and pick them up Friday anyway. 



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I've been hesitant to post on here because most people go into attack mode and it makes me nervous but I just have a question.

I want to take the sk to my and the husbands home town for thanksgiving but the only time we could get a flight was the week before break meaning they would have to have 2 days off of school. We have them for thanksgiving this year because of alternating years even though that's never followed and I end up having them for both holidays but whatever.


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So when school started they weren't supposed to be here at durring the week. And only be here every other weekend. That for some reason changed to me being required to take them to and from school because she never picks them up... ever... on Saturday she does.... for the night. Picks them up 8pm drops them back off 2pm the next day.

I honestly wouldn't care that much if I wasn't paying her money every month to take care of them...

I want a child of my own, but…

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So when I was younger maybe like 14 or so my mom took me to a gyno and this man told me I will never have kids biologically. I didn't care until I got older and idealized getting married to my now husband. He had two boys when we got together and at first I loved it. I loved the feeling of being a mother because even though they have and I am not their biological mother, they treated me like I was.... for the first few months. 

This made me think... I want kids of my own. 

Finally gone

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If any of you had seen my last post. My sister was visiting from a couple states away and OH MY GOD was it hell. Her child was a crying nightmare and she left a mess wherever she went. 
she's finally GONE with her Satan child gone with her

disrespectful B decided to wear what was practically underwear walking around my house with A 10 YEAR OLD and my husband who politely yet firmly insisted to her that she put on some g damn pants.

but she's gone now and my house is clean

now if only I can get rid of the freeloader step kids

Just because you should doesnt mean you do

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Don't feel a certain thing just because you think you're supposed to. 

Whether it's to feel love for the step children in your life or any other feeling you don't actually feel. Don't feel bad for how you feel.

My husband and I moved across 2 states leaving both of our families behind to be with his boys so they weren't raised by BM and turn into a mini her. Nobody wants that. Trust we are helping society out on that one.

I need help

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Hey. I assume some of you may have faced this question but google wont answer me. The two boys are with me most days of the week, but my DH is not labeled as the custodial parent. Legal wise can I put on paperwork that they live here?

Don’t feel bad. At all

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So for the past 5 months I've been living in Texas with my husband and his two boys, I have been in charge of watching them every weekday and most Saturdays while my husband and their mom work. I have been telling my husband that I don't want to do it anymore and it got better for a minute and then got worse. It was every single day Monday through Friday and they were staying the night every day because they would like to say they never saw their dad except Sunday. Which was true because he leaves for work at 4 am and gets home at 6pm after they are gone.