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Monday Blues

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Anyone else nervous about the "hell" idays?

I guess Ive got the Monday Blues.

To summate:

1. I am still a temp, but yet still making decent money. I really hate this job too. Monday Blues.

2. We got a thorough home inspection. Basically, everything wrong we knew about, plus a few additionals. Like the fact that we cant turn the furnace on because there are cracks in it, plus asbestos in one side of the house heating ducts. It will be a cold winter. Monday Blues.

3. Got into a conversation with Munchkin. In addition to all the wonderful lies about her uncle, more lies about DH hitting his daughters surfaced. Just shuffled all the bad feelings around so they flared up again. I feel like it is too coincidental that Feral Eldest asked to live in the same house with her uncle, and when he said "no", she makes accusations that he is a horrible man and a pervert. Also the accusations about her Aunt allowing uncle to steal from Gma. And of course add to the hurt pile, Feral Eldest is supposedly really really mad that I cleaned out her room and made it into an "office" with my fish tank and clothes and writing desk. Forget about the fact that she has now been gone almost 1 1/2 years. When I went away for college, my mom kept it open for about a year, for me to have a place to sleep when visiting over the holidays, but eventually she turned it into an office. There were 2 other bedrooms that were turned into guest rooms...and are now storage rooms. Who dictates what we do with our household? Us, not some entitled toxic brat. And now I understand that SOMEONE is talking about what goes on in our houselhold, someone I trusted enough to show the room. Monday Blues.

So, to "clear out my feelings", when Munchkin SD12 asked me to "help her" clean her room (IM really fast and thorough) I also cleaned out her closet and the office closet of 4 bins of Feral Eldest SD19's remaining things. Bins I had bought to store Feral Eldest's things, out of respect. All dumped off at Goodwill. Dont know if I feel better... just have Monday Blues about it.

4. Money is super tight, and yet ToxicTroll gets to leave town for the weekend and yuck it up with someone. And we just take our extra day, and all she can say is "oops, sorry, I forgot". While she goes and spends her severance 30,000$. Monday Blues.

5. Every year I rejoice at Christmas blessings and holiday cheer-to-come. Except this year, after all the lies and toxic sludge, I am nervous that Feral Toxic Eldest SD19 will show at the holiday gatherings with family. So she can spread more toxic sludge. And my annual photo christmas card - I dont want her in it, but wont it look bad if she is not???? Monday Blues.




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So wait, did I miss something? Did the stuff said about their uncle turn out to be lies? I mean, in a way I hope so.

Also, How dare you not keep Feral eldest's room a shrine to her years after she is gone?! What does she expect? I probably would have cleaned it out a week after she left... home gym, what! Blum 3

Sorry you are having the blues...I get those days, especially with the impending winter.

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But its just coincidental that he turned her down to live in the house with him...why would she want to live with him if she is so traumatized?  I spoke with Auntie about it, and she also said that Feral Eldest is a pathological liar to the nth degree, dont believe her. And this is her brother. There are also two other, more attractive nieces that stay with gma, that have not reported anything bad. Munchkin, after I asked her how she felt, feels completely comfortable with uncle.

Yes, I should have totally kept the empty bottle of whiskey, girl pleasure toy, bloody pads, and empty plastic bottles, as well as used makeup containers and dirty laundry. Organized them into an attractive display with candles and incense. How dare I clean and clear!

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If we're laughing we're not crying, right?!

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My room was given to my brother literally a week after I moved out... Then my "second room" (I was pushed to a smaller one) was turning into an office literally a month after that... Like seriously... I don't get the butt hurt. I was lucky to have a guest bed to sleep on when I got home and that my stuff was in boxes and not the trash! Because it was no longer where I lived and they aren't a storage unit!

I'm dreading the holidays. Plus DH as a first year EMT, he'll probably work all of them... And the girls are gone Christmas and I'm in the middle of nowhere... Yay for Christmas alone...

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Well shoot! sounds like "The Holiday", minus Jude Law. Sorry you have this all going on.

Yeah, we need to keep the rooms open and save all the things right? Munchkin wanted to clean her room, but instead of her picking through the bins, I just took them out. No more carefully trying to save "precious items" for Feral Eldest.

Munchkin will probably get upset, when she gets old enough to move out and we more 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living rooms! Better location and smaller is our goal for when she ages out of the system, and turns 18.