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OT - Throwback Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! How about some memories of yesteryear and family Christmas when you were young?

Christmas tree: real or fake? Due to one sibling's allergies, we had a fake tree.

When did the tree go up/come down? Up the day after Thanksgiving. Down the day after Christmas. It looked naked without anything underneath.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. No! I mean Confusing Time of the Year.

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The holidays bring up a whole lot of things to deal with for step mothers and families. Just wondering how others have learned to cope with this complicated and confusing time of year.

How does the time around the holidays get spent trying to navigate this messy situation?


Monday Blues

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Anyone else nervous about the "hell" idays?

I guess Ive got the Monday Blues.

To summate:

1. I am still a temp, but yet still making decent money. I really hate this job too. Monday Blues.

2. We got a thorough home inspection. Basically, everything wrong we knew about, plus a few additionals. Like the fact that we cant turn the furnace on because there are cracks in it, plus asbestos in one side of the house heating ducts. It will be a cold winter. Monday Blues.


Lebanon and Christmas

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Husband has to go see his parents. They are older and he has not been able to because he he was on a project and now another one has started. I get it.  He can go during christmas break when it is slow.

I said I would fly out with him on the 25th of Dec.  The 24th, as a latin lady, is the important one, not the 25th.  We could celebrate with our family, his kids, my kids, my sisters, etc  then fly out.