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Just when I thought things were getting better...

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Last week was a tough one. We spent the better part of the week either fighting, being snippy, or not speaking at all. Or in my DHs case, pretending like everything was unicorns and rainbows. Fast foward to last night and things were significantly better. Everything was out in the open. We did a lot of talking, though the conversation went in directions I didn't expect, but ultimately we're in a better place. I didn't have to drop the BKs did that for not so many words. It was both awkward and a little funny.


Dealing with a Narcissist Ex

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So here is my latest issue.  My exhusband is wanting to take my 14 yr old daughter to Mexico and I just have a bad feeling about all this. He already bought tickets and is telling me what hes doing and this trip is in January!   This is just what he does.  He will plan things and tell me hes doing expecting me to be ok with it.  He is pushing me to sign and approve for her to get a passport.  I definitely do not trust him.


Struggling with my teenage stepdaughter

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I’m a stepmum to a 17 year old girl and a 15 year old boy. I’ve been with their dad for 12 years and we’ve always had the kids every other weekend and over the holidays. We were doing really well and were really happy (despite the occasional fallout with his ex-wife)and are planning on getting married this year.