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Adult 24 Year Old Being on Own Car Insurance

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Ok, so I need some advice. My oldest SD is 25 and works as a nurse. She just bought a new car and my husband let her put her car on our insurance without talking to me first. I tried to tell him that even though we have insurance, the other party can come after us if they want even though we have insurance. I don't want anything to happen because we have a house and I don't want to lose our house. He told me this is how it was going to happen and I needed to basically shut up about it. How do I deal with this?

Is Anybody Else Dreading Having SKids over for Christmas?

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I hate having my SDs over now. We just moved to our new home in october. I've waited ten years to have my own home and I just want peace and quiet. Now YSD is coming tomorrow for at least a week and I'm dreading it. I hate having her around because I feel like I'm invisible and don't exist. She always says things to my husband behind my back when I'm not in the room and she knows how she treats me but my husband doesn't give a crap about it and doesn't do anything about it.

Christmas Presents for Skids

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Ok, so I have a question. For the past ten years that I've been with DH, I have been the one that has went out and purchased presents for the SKids for their birthdays and christmas's. My SO has never gone out and purchased a birthday card or christmas card or gift for his kids. This year, I haven't said anything to SO regarding what he wants to get for his kids. My oldest SD, doesn't talk to her dad unless she needs something. Youngest SD, keeps in touch with her dad but doesn't live with us anymore, due to going to school 2 1/2 hours away.

Does Anybody Get Anxiety when SKs come?

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DH and I have been together for ten years and married for seven. He has two daughters; one that is 23, who doesn't talk to him, and one that is 21, who acts like a miniwife whenever she's around. She recently moved to another city  2 1/2 hours away with her BM to go to a nursing program. She currently comes once a month to stay for the weekend, friday through sunday, to work four hours on one saturday a month. Whenever she comes to visit, I get anxiety because she is a strong willed girl that if you say something to her in the wrong tone of voice, she has an attitude toward you.


Am I wrong?

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My 19 year old SD who lives with us full time, doesn't do anything in our house to help out. She goes to school and works part time but doesn't do anything around the house. The only thing she's been asked to do is to clean her room and get rid of two laundry baskets full of clothes in the garage that have been there for over a year. Recently I've been complaining about her more because I'm sick of her not doing anything and my husband not doing anything about her selfish, ungrateful, inconsiderate, disrespectful, thinks she's entitled to do what she wants, attitude.

What should I do?

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For the past year, my husband has become more depressed due to a legal problem with his job. When it started last August, I told him to get another job and leave his current job. But he refused. He has the attitude of get them before they get me. It has now started to reflect on me in some ways. This past weekend on Saturday, he went to the casino near us and I didn't want to go so I went and did something else. I tried texting him and calling him twice all day. He never answered me. I know he saw my text messages and read them because my phone status said read next to my text message.

Dependent MIL

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My husband and I live with his 73yo mom. The house is quite small and there are four people and two dogs living in a house under 1000 sq. ft. My husband's siblings don't hardly do anything with his mom, therefore, she goes pretty much everywhere with us. His sister that lives seven blocks from us doesn't even come do anything with her. I have told my husband that I wanted to spend time alone with him and his sister, his mom, and him had an attitude towards me. I'm so frustrated and depressed right now.

Just need to rant...

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I have a 19 yo SD that is self-centered, lazy, disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate, arrogant brat. She doesn't help out around the house and when she's told to do something she doesn't do it. The only thing that she is told to do is to clean up her room and she doesn't do it. Her room looks like a hurricane hit it and the only reason I know what her room looks like is because we have to go through her room to get out to our backyard. Her room used to be an office and it was changed to a room for her. It is a disgrace.

Depressed and Lonely

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It has been a very long time since I logged into this forum but now I feel like it's the only place I can reach out for advice. My husband and I live have lived with my mother in law since we got together seven years ago. Anytime we go somewhere, she goes with us and when I bring up the fact that my husband and I need time alone, he gets mad at me and thinks I'm being rediculous. My stepkids are both in college; one just starting her first year the other in her third year.