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Things have changed

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I forgot my password but somehow I got into my old account but here goes. It has been two years since I've had to get on here and vent. Ss stopped coming around after I had the baby. His mom blames me somehow because of it. She was sending him here in the same clothes he'd had on for weeks. He was covered in dog hair and smelled. He was being dropped off at all hours and days. Imagine 12:30 at night. I was about to have our baby. We talked to him numerous times about boundaries. It did no good. I found out all of this was being done for spite.


Been a while. The “genius” SS got a D for math today

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Haven't been back for a while. Had enough over the summer so DH and I are on the same page that 2 hours a day checking someone's homework is just not good use of our time. We decided SS needs to be the one to care about his own grades, and we can help when he has questions, but HE will be the one to check his own homework.

Recap- SS is High functioning autistic. 

Has been much better than before so far now that we have time for ourselves not fighting with SS over his hw. 


HELP, Im so torn - the ex wife from hell.

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Hey guys, Im H (25), brand new to this site, so not super familiar with the abbreviations but will try my best.

In short, met my current partner K (35) 6 months ago, at work. hes recently divorced from the Ex (34) (like 6 months prior, she was having an affair with a younger man and left K)

** I was on visa with my ex 'S', were good friends, relationship broke down but was definetly breaking the rules not declaring relationship was over to Dept of immi. **

Theyve got 2 kids D5, S10.


First blog entry - Background

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Story time. It's a long one, but will give you some background into my life as a step/whatever.

Normally, I video chat my mom and sister to rant about SS11 troubles. With CORVID-19, my partner "D" is working from home, and I am unable to say anything with him in hearing shot. Our house is so small, even if I whispered in a different room he'd hear me. 


I have decided I'm going to keep a blog. I can rant to my hearts content on here. I don't think I will reply to any rude comments, or ones that tell me to leave, or calling D names, or whatever. 


Disrespectful SS

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Seeking advice. I’ve been with my DH for 4 years. I have 4 kids (11, 9, 8 & 5), he has 1 son (10). BM spoils him to the extreme to make sure she is the “favorite.” Buys him whatever he wants, takes expensive trips (DH and I cannot afford this and she knows that), picks up after him, indulges him.. (which he has told me and DH that we need to do for him as well. And he was quickly corrected that no, we do not). BM even sleeps in his bed with him at night (which honestly is a little weird to me).


Second families are valuable. We do not need you to make a sales pitch, DH!

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 I had a talk yesterday with DH about why it is so frustrating to hear him attempt to sell the idea of us to his oldest from his first marriage.  Sometimes I feel like he has the voice of an info commercial announcer as he remarks about DS and I.  It is like DS and I are the fruit of a very inconveniently planted tree in SS18’s life. And DH is trying to get SS18 to see how beautiful the leaves are. Painful to watch.


Long read, many changes

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So to try and make a long story short, since I last blogged FH is now DH as of may, been together 3 yrs, he has sole custody of SS10 (vague custody wording "father had sole custody with mother having visitation at fathers discretion" long story behind that) BM has moved 14 times in 3 yrs, in aug with 24 hr notice took her other 2 kids and husband and move 3 states away for a month till they had cars repossessed. She's only had a job for 6 months ever (ended last june) her DH works cash under the table. She doesn't financially help with SS and no CO for CS or insurance.


Good Try

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So we had another round of SS17 acting up at the supper table.  He began arguing with DD14 after she made a (bad) joke.  After she said she was kidding, it didn't matter.  SS17 proceeded to be rude to his mother again, and right in front of me, so I had enough.  I actually forgot the exact words I used but it made him mad enough to leave the table and say "I'm sick of putting up with people's crap!"  I responded with "I'm tired of your crap."  I then finished supper and took a walk in the rain with DD14.