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Dealing with a crazy ex and never ending custody battle

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My husband and I are dealing with a psychopath.  As our custody battle continues, my husband has really gotten a backbone.  He has no problem telling his ex-wife exactly what he thinks of her.  I like to think that I was able to put those qualities in him after being with me for a few years he has been able to freely speak his mind.  I am proud of him for how far he has come and how he is able to say what he wants and tell this abuser exactly what he thinks of her.  But...because his ex cannot abuse him anymore, she has put the blame on me.  I am the one behind him wanting custody.


Has this ever happened to you?

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After years of contention, and years of me being the Skid primary caregiver and only present parent, I asked my husband if I could skip mediation to attend a field trip with our daughter.  My biological kids have been on the back burner since entering this relationship and a year ago I said "no more!"  We are in a highly volatile situation where BM enjoys hurting me and him as much as possible.  Every time I see her she laughs at me, or violated the Reteaining order my husband got against her in an attempt to get his attention and also to irritate me.


CS-Free Island, Ten Years’ Journey Away

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Ten years.  It will be 10 years before the financial responsibilities my DH has to SD will be overwith.  Until then it will be court every year with the ex-wife who will try and claim that DH  should pay her more money. 

 To me it is like paying for a car that you wrecked as soon as you drove away from the car dealership. It is beyond frustrating because you know that the money is going to support poor parenting and an attitude of entitlement.  Not to mention all of the lies attached. 


Long read, many changes

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So to try and make a long story short, since I last blogged FH is now DH as of may, been together 3 yrs, he has sole custody of SS10 (vague custody wording "father had sole custody with mother having visitation at fathers discretion" long story behind that) BM has moved 14 times in 3 yrs, in aug with 24 hr notice took her other 2 kids and husband and move 3 states away for a month till they had cars repossessed. She's only had a job for 6 months ever (ended last june) her DH works cash under the table. She doesn't financially help with SS and no CO for CS or insurance.


Court in 2 weeks

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Hello all !

I'm new to the site.

In two weeks, we're returning to court for custody modification since BM was in contempt and keeps bending the custody arrangement to her scheduling.  Any suggestions or advice?  How does court usually go for contempt?  We have joint legal and physical but are going to recommend Joint physical and legal with kids having two residences and not any one primary.  Also we have plans to request a 4-3 custody schedule.  4 days for Dad and 3 days for Mom.

Any suggestions?  or anyone know how this could go?