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It's the petty things (aka BM is a verifiable piece of shit)

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DH asked BM about keeping the kids for President's Day. BM is notorious for not talking to us about holidays, but we asked if we could keep the kids the extra day. She told us that they actually have Friday (tomorrow) off, too, but didn't mention us getting the kids early. It must have dawned on her that we could in theory take the kids – we're not getting much of a Valentine's Day as DH is working – because she asked last minute if she could drop them off tonight and we could pick take them home after our weekend.


Adult BPD Stepdaughter Destroying our marriage

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In a nutshell,


My adult stepdaughter (I'll call her TJ) has wreaked havoc on my marriage. Her mother (I'll call her CT) has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. CT has caused severe damage to their 4 children in forms parental alienation, false accusations of imagined abandonment by their father, as well as horrific allegations of sexual abuse, lies and manipulation as well as children witnessing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and finally neglect. This mental illness caused loss of child custody for my husband for his children 8 years ago.


Court in 2 weeks

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Hello all !

I'm new to the site.

In two weeks, we're returning to court for custody modification since BM was in contempt and keeps bending the custody arrangement to her scheduling.  Any suggestions or advice?  How does court usually go for contempt?  We have joint legal and physical but are going to recommend Joint physical and legal with kids having two residences and not any one primary.  Also we have plans to request a 4-3 custody schedule.  4 days for Dad and 3 days for Mom.

Any suggestions?  or anyone know how this could go?