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I feel like there is no winning

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Hey everyone. I'm new here. I'm newly married and a mom to my infant son and step mom to SD 7. We have been in each other's lives for about 2 years now. My DH has custody due to BMs history of drug use and instability. BM currently has most weekends and has more time in the summer. BM has always wanted full custody and SD wants that too. BM says she has been clean for probably a year and a half now.


What To Do?

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My fiance settled his custody case almost a year ago with his ex, and she's trying to build a new case against him. Her ultimate goal is for the child to hate us, take the child over state lines, and have my fiance pay double in child support. The ex has to live in this state because the court determined that the child must remain here. But she's trying to build a case by texting her son when we have him things like, "remember to brush your teeth and shower," and "you're blocking my son from calling me." Really insane things.


Court in 2 weeks

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Hello all !

I'm new to the site.

In two weeks, we're returning to court for custody modification since BM was in contempt and keeps bending the custody arrangement to her scheduling.  Any suggestions or advice?  How does court usually go for contempt?  We have joint legal and physical but are going to recommend Joint physical and legal with kids having two residences and not any one primary.  Also we have plans to request a 4-3 custody schedule.  4 days for Dad and 3 days for Mom.

Any suggestions?  or anyone know how this could go?


Divorce and Starting Over

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There are so many lessons learned as we proceed through the mine field of divorce and child custody and co-parenting once the process is final that it might be a good thing to share our experiences with others so that they may learn from our experiences and avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way.  

Those who are new to the process are often overwhelmed and don't really know where to begin.  We know that divorce is the next best step, but how do we file?  What do we ask for?  What can we expect?