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I feel like there is no winning

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Hey everyone. I'm new here. I'm newly married and a mom to my infant son and step mom to SD 7. We have been in each other's lives for about 2 years now. My DH has custody due to BMs history of drug use and instability. BM currently has most weekends and has more time in the summer. BM has always wanted full custody and SD wants that too. BM says she has been clean for probably a year and a half now.


Munchkin on the warpath

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Just a little bit of an update.

Last night, while driving Munchkin home from her gmas house, we got into one of our many anti-Feral Forger conversations. We seem to get caught up these tense feedback loops whereby she will go into details of how lazy, mean and rude her sister is. And then reminisce about her past transgressions. I can see that she is hurt, and resentful. Shes normally so sweet and loving, and I think sometimes I encourage this releasing of resentment, because she feels safe with me and because I lived it too at one time.


Advice on my feelings and how to cope

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Without going through the 6 years of  stress with my husbands ex and kids I am needing advice to help with my resentment.

I hate the way my husbands kids treat him. One minute all is ok but then they'll igniore him or talk through message to him like something they've stood in. This is how it's been for too long now.

It's very obvious he's now only seen when they want something.

He does see this too but as he says he's there Dad.


Am I wrong??

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Hello I’m new to all of this and I mean ALL of this.Im 22 been with my boyfriend for about four years he never told me he had a son then I found out months later his son is 3 then months later he had went to jail and his mother slipped up and said he had a daughter too!!I felt..boy I can’t even explain I was just like wow and obviously his daughter is 3 as well two different moms.he apologized when confronted and at first I felt okay with his kids but he started to treat me like I was an outsider like when we’d fight half the time over stuff he does he’d snatch his son from away f