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Kids are so spoiled mom does not help with expenses.

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The only arguments my husband and I have are about his kids. They run the house I pretty much stay in my room while they are here. They decide what to do and what we have for dinner. They are allowed to stay up late on school nights and are sometimes loud. We have them half the time. Just waiting till they are grown and leave the house. The oldest who is 18 is so lazy. I see him as a permanent resident which drives me nuts.  My husband pays for everything. There mom who gets lots of money for support never even offers.


Skids Ruling the Roost!

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I love the Netflix series "Queer Eye."  I just watched an episode where the Fab 5 were making over a man who had been with his SO for several years, had two kids together, and she had a daughter.  The skid, probablly 8 or 9 decided that she didn't want to sleep downstairs in the house they were living in so the parents allowed her to have the master bedroom upstairs while they lived in the basement.  Bobby (house, interior design, etc) said, "Oh no, that's not okay."  Bobby was of the mindset like most of us who know better, that kids don't get everything they want or to kick the parents ou


SD16 Got FIRED! Bahahahahaha!

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I was super anxious leading up to SD16s return from her Florida trip, so I figured I'd delay writing about it until it happened and the potential fall out began.  Well, it's interesting how things are going.