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Divorced Daddy next door

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We had a new neighbor move in a few months ago that is either divorced or separated and has 2 boys on and off. From my limited vantage point across the lawn he seems like a nice involved dad and the kids have a great set up in the yard. Yesterday I'm leaving my house and there are 3 cop cars and a DHS van lining the street. I see dad at the top of the driveway looking upset with arms folded, a police man was talking to him and throwing up his arms. There was a very distraught woman at the end of the driveway just off the property who was likely mom. She had a cop on each side of her.  

Chasing the Narcissist - OT sorta

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This has been an ongoing issue with ss33. He will get really close to DH when he wants/needs something then flee and not talk to DH for 6 months if DH is unable to meet a request. The entire time DH is moping and feeling bad that ss won't talk to him. Then suddenly ss reappears and needs to borrow DH's truck and all is good again like nothing ever happened.  Chase, disappear, repeat.  



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I have been sleuthing because I need to know what exH's current place of employment is for CS purposes.  I know that last year he was fired and had gotten a new job but he would not give me the requested information.  Today I remembered that anyone can call and do an employment verification as long as they have the SSN of the individual. I used to answer and transfer these calls all the time.

OT: Working with a Millennial, probably one of your skids

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Our company hired a new staff member. He's a guy in his mid 20's.  I get to work with him 1 day a week, on that day we are on our own just the two of us taking care of a house full of clients.  I'm senior staff and he's still in the training phase so needs some reminders and still has stuff to learn.  

OT/ MyLife and other information background check sites

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Periodically I do a google search of myself just to make sure there's nothing weird floating around.  Today I find a MyLife profile with my former name and former address but with my correct date of birth for anyone who wants to view it.  Me no like.  It asked it this was me and I clicked yes and it offered to control my content.  I was supposed to give yet more info including email etc.  I'm sure there will be some fee associated with controlling what is put out there on the web about me.  Anyone else deal with this? What do you suggest?  

OT: Work Staff Shortage

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My current job has a pretty high turn over rate and I'm working it due to the flexibility I get by being an on-call staff.  I get to work when I'm available and there are other on call staff as well.  At one of our locations there were three staff who left almost at the same time.  This location has been notorious for being understaffed, poorly managed, and trying to get people to do an impossible amount of stressful work. Way more that should be expected of one person.  

Woman (Step-Girlfriend) murdered by ex-wife

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This is the news story I woke up to, it made me want to come here and take role count. Sad how such a bright beautiful young woman was robbed of her life due to someone elses divorce baggage.  Please think about the situation and possible danger you are putting yourself into.  


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BS16 and I are out doing some errands and he gets a text from his dad. Bs tells me that I have to hurry up because dad is coming to pick him up right now! This has happened a couple of times before, about 1x a month. we moved a few hours away from exH so now he just pops in and takes them to dinner whenever he's coming through town.  I have not gotten notice that he wants to take the kids out once, he just shows up and expects us to rearrange everything.  Another thing is that he won't come near our home.

Flowers for SM

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At work today a man in his late 20's came in to buy flowers for his SM. He insisted that I help him pick out the best freshest ones and one that I would buy for myself. I was a bit taken back because this was the first act of kindness and love I have witness towards a SM in many years.

I hope all of you SM's get the recognition you deserve this Mothers Day! Apparently there are thoughtful skids out there.