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Skids Ruling the Roost!

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I love the Netflix series "Queer Eye."  I just watched an episode where the Fab 5 were making over a man who had been with his SO for several years, had two kids together, and she had a daughter.  The skid, probablly 8 or 9 decided that she didn't want to sleep downstairs in the house they were living in so the parents allowed her to have the master bedroom upstairs while they lived in the basement.  Bobby (house, interior design, etc) said, "Oh no, that's not okay."  Bobby was of the mindset like most of us who know better, that kids don't get everything they want or to kick the parents ou


The horror of... Outside!

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I have mulled over this numerous times, and now I’m putting it in writing:

WHAT is it with skids having such intense hatred (or fear?) of being... outside?

Is it just MY skids, or are there others?

Last weekend, skids (who regularly choose to shut themselves in their tiny bedroom all weekend long - another topic altogether that I will never comprehend, seeing as being made to stay in my bedroom as a child for even an hour felt like unbearable torture), were roughhousing in their bedroom.


Pied Piper

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This is going to be my last blog for a while, because I don’t want to be a blog hog. 

Topic: Skids who follow their dad around non-stop like shadows or leeches.

Many of you have complained about this. Now it’s starting to happen again at our home too. OSS and YSS have always had the rage-provoking problem of being up DH’s a$$ 24/7 during their EOW visits.


The audactity

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It has been such a long time since I've posted anything about HCBM, but as HCBM's usually go, it never lasts, does it?

This time it's about trying to control how we parent skids when they are with us - specifically in the areas of diet and exercise - I'm sorry, I almost choked on those words, because.... THIS coming from a 350 lb.+ pill head HCBM just seems so crazy that I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it.

It's been a while since I've discussed skids here, so for background info:


Alone on a Planet full of People

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For 19 years I have tried my very best to be a great step father, I have given my SD and SS everything they could of wanted, my DW and both Skids came from a violent past and although the skids are now well into their adult years I can’t make any headway, in fact they have taken their hatred for to a new level, winding each other up over social media and then letting loose to DW and she is stuck in the middle.