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Am I wrong here?

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Is it bad of me to treat my skids differently than my bio kids? Example: My SD wanted a special breakfast and I told her no. She pointed out I often do this for my bio daughter. I told her that I only do this occasionally and I'm not today. She's right though. If bio daughter were to ask me I'm more likely to do it. Not always but I'm more likely to do stuff for the bio kids. In my defense they don't have another house to go to. They only live with me and I know SD is spoiled at moms. My children are also A LOT YOUNGER. They are also nice to me lol.

Holiday Inn

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This is a rant but advice appreciated. So if any of you read my last post, I've majorly backed off with SD8. Last night we watched a movie together and that's the most time I've spent with her since my big blow up. This weekend I've had to go shopping and spend my own money on skids which makes me feel very resentful. They don't even like me. This weekend they told me I'm not fun. Why do I have to go shopping for their clothes and shoes. Every weekend they show up, complain, make a huge mess, and leave. I told my SD8 I'm not her personal maid and made her clean up her bathroom mess.