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A Big Rant

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Me? Mean?

I'm unreasonable. I'm not fair. I'm always causing problems. I'm abusive. I hurt confidence and crush self-esteem. I only have negative things to say. I like to point out flaws and laugh at mistakes. I'm lazy and use all the money on myself. I brainwash my spouse and favor my own child. 

Why not take it a bit further. What's an evil stepmom really like? At first it's difficult to imagine myself as mean stepmom because I'm not one, but luckily I have a very vivid imagination. 


So and I got into a fight

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I told SO that it might be a good idea to get the skids a new therapist, he agreed to that, but when I asked him about taking the tough approach with his kids, he got pretty defensive, saying that last time we did that, he didn't get to see them for nearly a month, and he's not doing that again. Okay that  part I can understand, the kids have every right to see their dad, but they don't get to control our lives. He's becoming very defensive about them a lot lately. I don't he sees them as manipulating him. To him  there these innocent little angels.