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8 days since SO broke up with me

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And I miss him dearly. My friend went to his place because he texted me to inform me that I left some things back at his place. 

Ever since then, I haven't heard a peep from him. Why does it hurt so much?  I wish he would at least try to talk to me at least once. I miss his hands, I miss him holding me, I miss him saying he loves me, I miss looking down and seeing  my engagement ring.

I miss him so much. I wish I didn't but I do

SO ended things last night- wedding called off. I'm heartbroken

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 I'm going to try to keep this as short as I possibly can. The wounds are still very fresh 

Back in October, Ss12 was diagnosed with depression after SO found some very dark/distorted entires in his relfection journal. He's been seeing his therapist since. Both SO and Bm are very involved in his treatment. His therapist advised them at the divorce is what triggered it- apparently it's more common now(that's  sad to hear). 

Ss12 is writing dark things

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it's Bm week with the skids, and things have been pretty quiet at home. Bm and SO have been communcating about Ss. Bm took him to the doctors for a full physical and everything came back normal. At both houses, the computer history was checked and Bm went through Ss's phone. Everything seemed normal until SO found Ss' journal. 

Bm got Sd and Ss into keeping a reflective journal, so they can have a safe place of their thoughts,  find a place to vent, wrtie about their day, any lessons they learned. It's actually pretty neat and they respond well to it. 

I've talked to SO about the situation at hand.

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The robotic stepford child beheaviour continues...GRRRR

SO and I are at a cross-roads. I suggested that maybe we be affectionate to try to break the cold behaviour that they're showing and he's all down for that, and he's also alright with being poliet back, but he does not want to be "nice" to be cold, but instead to get a reaction out of them. 

When would be the right time for SO to have the "enough is enough" conversation?(today is thanks-giving), or should be just "play along" to get a reaction out of them and not talk to them about it


They're still doing it.....

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The "stepford" child behaviour continues....

I'm starting to think they don't are at all. They have been showing  NO emotion to SO at all. SO isn't begging them for it, but it's getting to him, but he doesn't show it. Last night we decided to carry out a conversation, and Sd13 and Ss12 had their own conversation; after the usual "thank you for making us food"...... 


SO called me ; Skids are tough.

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Ss12 has the flu, and will be staying at home-probably all week, and Sd13 is gone to school. 

For some reason Ss is proned to get very high fevers, why ,I don't know. Doctors have done test, scanned his brain to see if everything is alright with regards to his hypothalamus; everything is normal. In the past 3 years, he's been rushed to the emergency , I think 3 times due to his fevers getting too high (sometimes they don't, sometimes they do). 

The skids came....they're acting..... strange

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Bm brought Sd13 and ss12 as she said she would. The second the door bell rang, SO jumped and opened it.

They looked off. Had blatant looks on their faces, no emotions at all. SO greeted them, and they said "hello dad" , "hello Mrs. Marvel". Noting strange about that. 

SO leads them to the dinning room and tells them, he needs to talk to them. He first aks them how they were. response "fine, thank you for asking; how are you?" He responds  with "I'm good"