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My stepdaughter loves drama and sucks the joy out of everything

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She's 14. She's manipulative, bossy, bitchy, condescending, and most of all, a know-it-all. I'll make a meal and she will ruin the evening by making it all about how I should have asked her what she would or wouldn't eat before making dinner. She will be snarky about my "cluelessness." When her father asks her to do her chores, she will try to micro manage and have authority over what gets done and how. She will fight hard to have the final word. She will scream and have a tantrum when you give any consequence.


Skid ill with another infection

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So SD8 is supposed to be coming over this weekend, but BM has just told us she has yet another infection. She didn't come over this weekend just gone because she'd made herself ill with yet another GI bug because she refuses to wash her hands, so I said to DH she can't come over because she'd make the baby sick. He agreed. Now because she never washes her hands and doesn't wash properly in the bath or shower (despite being taught countless times), she's got an infection in her eczema. She picks at it with her filthy hands and then wonders why it gets infected.