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Things have changed

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I forgot my password but somehow I got into my old account but here goes. It has been two years since I've had to get on here and vent. Ss stopped coming around after I had the baby. His mom blames me somehow because of it. She was sending him here in the same clothes he'd had on for weeks. He was covered in dog hair and smelled. He was being dropped off at all hours and days. Imagine 12:30 at night. I was about to have our baby. We talked to him numerous times about boundaries. It did no good. I found out all of this was being done for spite.


My stepdaughter loves drama and sucks the joy out of everything

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She's 14. She's manipulative, bossy, bitchy, condescending, and most of all, a know-it-all. I'll make a meal and she will ruin the evening by making it all about how I should have asked her what she would or wouldn't eat before making dinner. She will be snarky about my "cluelessness." When her father asks her to do her chores, she will try to micro manage and have authority over what gets done and how. She will fight hard to have the final word. She will scream and have a tantrum when you give any consequence.


What to do when bio mom emotionally hurts the kids

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My husband has custody of his 2 girls from his previous marriage. Bio mom is to get the girls every other weekend from 9am Saturday to 6pm Sunday and does not pay child support (not ordered to due to agreement between my husband and her). That's not the problem. She has shortened her weekend visits to 9am to 4pm Saturday's with no overnights. Then she's cancelled several times because "she has to work that day" and turns out, she's taking her son with her new hubby to birthday parties, fairs and events but doesn't want to deal with the girls.