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What to do when bio mom emotionally hurts the kids

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My husband has custody of his 2 girls from his previous marriage. Bio mom is to get the girls every other weekend from 9am Saturday to 6pm Sunday and does not pay child support (not ordered to due to agreement between my husband and her). That's not the problem. She has shortened her weekend visits to 9am to 4pm Saturday's with no overnights. Then she's cancelled several times because "she has to work that day" and turns out, she's taking her son with her new hubby to birthday parties, fairs and events but doesn't want to deal with the girls.


Absent bio-mom issues

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Warning, this is a VERY LONG POST about this woman. You are getting all of the details, so that you can really understand what kind of person she is before you give me your opinions and/or advice. I thank you all in advance. This is such a hard thing to deal with, I need outside help. 

Here we go. 

So I am a new stay at home (step) mom to my fiance's 4 year old son. We are all very happy and work through issues pretty well together. I have no kids of my own yet, but hope to have some soon. And I just feel like I was meant to be a mother, so I am loving this mom life.