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SD is 18 today!

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Sorry if I rant or ramble.

Since its her birthday DH wanted to get her a cake. I'm surprised she showed up. I didn't think she would after she hung up on DH last night because he wouldn't buy her alcohol again.  

Now I just wish she would leave. Yay there she goes out the driveway!

Alcohol and the Cool Parent

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I'm not against alcohol and I'm not for it either. I like an occasional drink. I have nothing bad to say about people who drink more frequently than me. What I'm not ok with is minors drinking alcohol. Teenagers don't have fully developed brains. They are impulsive and make poor choices. Alcohol intoxication can and often causes loss of inhibitions and impulsive behavior.

Not Buying Presents for SD17

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A good moment presented itself for me to tell DH that I won't be buying Christmas presents for SD17 this year. I won't use DH's money to shop for him for SD either. Any presents he wants her to have he will have to shop for them and buy them with his own money. DH took it well and understood.  Every year I stress out shopping for all the kids. I stress the most over SD's gifts. Did I spend enough money on her? Will she think I spent fairly? Is it presents she has been wanting? Will she  love or at least like them? Will she be happy with what she receives?

Case is closed

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I'm sorry to those who wanted me to stay away from everything. My daughter has been with a friend all day. I wanted to somehow be there with my husband as a team to show them a family that can make it through problems while at the same time keep my daughter safe.

CPS is Coming

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SD16's grandfather called CPS. First a sheriff showed up. I happened to be there when he showed up. He asked to speak with SD and I told him she was at a track meet. He asked when she would be home and I told him her father would go get her in a couple of hours. I asked him if he wanted me to get her dad so he can speak with him and he said no he would try to catch SD later or another day.

I'm Moving Out

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With the help from everyone here and my sister saying the same as all of you it made me see that I don't have a choice. Well I do have a choice but staying is definitely the wrong one. He still thinks the problem is between me and her and wants me to turn the phone on for him because he is busy with a stressfull project.

It Just Got Worse

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I will skip straight to the worst. SD16 went to hit DH and he put her to the ground to restrain her. Then she was saying her back hurt and she's going to live with her grandpa and she's taking it to court so she never has to live here again. 

Previous to this DH had told she couldn't go do something. She was doing her thing that she does by following him around saying "Dad - dad - daaad- dad". He was telling her to knock it off while walking away. Few minutes later he comes around the corner saying he is headed to town to turn off her phone. She is crying talking on her phone.

If I had the money I would leave

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Today he says that classic line

"I don't understand why the two of you can't get along."

How I hate it when he says that to me. He must not have any idea what an unsupporting, weak, ignorant, and cowardly statement that is. 

Does he not get that Ive been getting along quite well with people for over 30+ years? That I have more experience with interpersonal communications than a 16 year old? That I should have more maturity than a teenager?