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SD18 Stooped Very Low

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I will start off by saying I should have been more mature when I heard SD18 had gotten in a brawl. The woman who fought her I used to work with, but I never really talked to her because she was the sister of SD's girlfriend and usually SD tells lies to about me to anyone who she wants pity from. 

Maybe our town is too small?

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Out of all the places a person can work in our area I find out I work in the same department as SD18's girlfriend. I was dropping off DH's truck when SD18 ran up to me. (He got her a temp job for her driving farm trucks with him). She tells me that I'm in the same department as her girlfriend and yesterday I asked her girlfriend questions about the work app. 


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SD18 calls DH yesterday and it suddenly turned into a heated argument.  She got livid with DH because he would not drive over to her house (next town over) and mow her lawn for her even though it was almost dark outside. She was going to prom and having a party at her place afterwards. She wanted her house to look nice for it.  DH refused and eventually hung up on her after he told her to stop talking to him like that. 


SS27 and his son staying 2 days

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I'm pretty sure they will only stay 2 days but...I just happen to be getting a new puppy tomorrow. Why are they coming now? They've been staying with friends of ours and those friends have all their other kids and people who usually live with them gone for spring break. They want the house alone to themselves for a couple of days and so SS and his son need to be gone during that time. DH asked if they could come here and I gave a nervous ok.

Kicking out SS24 Update

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DH ended up being the one to talk to SS24 and SS23. I had gone soft and said I would allow 2 more months. At the end of March they have to be out. It doesn't matter if they have a place to stay or not. It's up to them to use the next 2 months to prepare so the have something to go to. SS24 got a job and is now staying with a friend. He asked DH's dad if he could stay with him and he said no. He said the same thing I said. SS24 will be making enough money to rent his own place. DH told me SS24 plans on still staying at our place on the weekends while he has his son.

Kicking out SS24

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First thing in the morning I'm telling SS24 that its not working out having him live at our house and he can't live here anymore. I've been so tired of him and his son who he brings over every weekend and the last few weeks suddenly he brings him on Thursdays. 

SD is 18 today!

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Sorry if I rant or ramble.

Since its her birthday DH wanted to get her a cake. I'm surprised she showed up. I didn't think she would after she hung up on DH last night because he wouldn't buy her alcohol again.  

Now I just wish she would leave. Yay there she goes out the driveway!

Alcohol and the Cool Parent

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I'm not against alcohol and I'm not for it either. I like an occasional drink. I have nothing bad to say about people who drink more frequently than me. What I'm not ok with is minors drinking alcohol. Teenagers don't have fully developed brains. They are impulsive and make poor choices. Alcohol intoxication can and often causes loss of inhibitions and impulsive behavior.