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SD19 and DH have discovered Venmo

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SD whines for money and DH whines about the drive to get it to her, but not anymore. He gets paid to PayPal and has a PayPal debit card now. At some point he deposits what he's accumulated into our bank account to help pay the bills. Lately SD has been working with DH. So she then claims she can pay him back. When she works with him he gets the money for both their hours and then he pays her out of it. 



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This is a complex one. 

But, the fundamentals are that my partner, that I love so, so much, occasionally gets overwhelming guilt. His children are 6 and 9. The 9 year old misses her mum when spending longer stretches of time with dad (my partner). She cries, and is sometimes inconsolable, despite my partner being the most wonderful dad. 

He initiated the split with the children’s mum. She did not want to split, but he was incredibly unhappy.