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Noises, anxiety, and tears Oh My

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Hello. I (31F) am a step parent of a 13 year old and 17 year old, both girls. I am lucky that their moms are pretty easy to get along with. 

My husband and I are very happy. We have a string relationship with open communication and honesty. The one area in which we consistently disagree is discipline for the kids. 


I grew up in a mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive home. I have no framework of what a balanced amount of discipline is. He grew up in a very healthy home. He was rarely disciplined and turned out great. 


At a loss

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SD(6) is in Kinder. Twice this year she's left PE without permission just because she "doesn't like PE". And today at the field trip to the zoo, SD stayed at the playground when her class left because she supposedly didn't hear her class calling her. 

The prior 2 times she lost TV privileges for 2 days. But both times DH still played board games with her or SD played with toys. IMO this defeats the purpose of a punishment if she still gets to have fun. Any insight or differing opinions? I am childfree and have no other experience. 


Stepdaddy expects SS12 to be punished at our house

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As you all know I have been complaining for awhile about Bm1 and her crazy. Today DH told me he was mad about a situation.

We had SS12 over the weekend. 

At the beginning of the weekend BM told DH that SS is to not play any video games at our house because he did not do the dishes at Bm house. (?)

 He is GREAT at doing chores at our house.So we let him play for a bit when he was at our house. 


How to teach a 9yo to be a decent human.

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To start -  In the beginning of my relationship with my fiance I developed a quick relationship with the youngest son 9 years old. He was loving and kind from the start, but it only seemed to be at the surface level with hugs and snuggling (he was 8 at the time). Over the last year and a half a lot has changed. Anytime I ask for a favor it's met with "No" and "Why". I don't feel that its him cutting me off or saying no because he wants to "show me". I truly feel he's just lazy and doesnt want to help period.


My Boyfriend's Kids Are Lazy and Have No Discipline!

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My Boyfriend and I have been living together for about 8 months.  He has 3 children (Boy-age 14, Girl-age 10, and Girl-age 6)and I have two children (Girl-age 17 and Boy-age 11).  

I am admittedly pretty strict with my kids when it comes to cleaning up after themsleves, not back talking, and taking responsibilty for themselves and their actions.  My boyfriend on the other hand, not so much!


Step parenting Discipline styles to the extreme Aggression vs Laid Back

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I am new to step parenting and to blogging.  I have a major concern with my new spouse and his discipline style.  First, a little background.  we got married september 2017 and dated since 2015.  we both have the same wants from our childeren: we want them to be respectful, clean up after themselves, do what they are told. the usual stuff.  but we have different ways of getting the kids to do those things.