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Why are Skids so ungrateful?

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So, I was feeling a little bad because yesterday I completely ignored SD all day. 

I went shopping today for myself. And then I saw some cute shoes, a pajama set, and a tshirt for SD. 

Did she bother to thank me when I gave them to her? No. 

And this is a regular thing. She's given things and there is no thanks. 

I remember one birthday she even asked, "is that it?" Wtf. 


Not sure why BM did this creepy thing

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So, as I've mentioned DH and BM are in ongoing court thing for a modification. Because the court system sucks it's been almost 2 years. 

Anyway, BM supplemented some material for discovery and BM and DH are expected to do. 

And one of things she submitted were two creepy a$$ photos she took of DH and I arriving with SD on her first day of school. Like WHY? 

I mean SD's half sister is in the photo but BM took numerous photos of SD and her half sister that day up-close. 

Disney Dadee and no respect

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The more time passes the more I realize how much of a Disney Dad DH is. 

So Tuesday night we tell SD she can have one of the mini cheesecakes we made. And that afterwards she needed to go shower. SD sat at the table just kind of waving her spoon at the cheesecake and not really eating it. 

So I asked her nicely, "are you not going to eat it?" She shook her head and said no. Then SD proceeded to get up and start crying for no reason. Still trying to be patient as can be, I'm like "why are you crying?"

Why did SD come back with fewer brain cells?

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So SD is a pretty smart kid. 

But usually she'll come back from BM's talking like a baby. 

This time she was gone two weeks. So she is talking like she's a toddler and then suddenly she is asking all goofy and airheaded. 

Like right now, she says she wants to get some water. So I tell her use the cup that's right here (as I'm sitting at the table and the cup is on the table). Where? What cup? Green cup staring at her at her face. 

Husband told me to get the f out

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I'm so upset. I don't have anyone else to vent to. 

First, my husband snapped and yelled at me for no reason. Simply because I wanted him to actively spend some time with me. Especially because SD comes back Sunday and I know I'll just be on the back burner. 

So whatever. He yelled and I got up. I started to pick up some clutter we had lying around since the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. Then he got mad that I was picked up and he went to the bedroom and slammed the door. 

I find it funny

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I find it funny how much BM lies about her expenses and income. 

So as I've mentioned in previous posts, DH and BM are in an ongoing modification battle. DH is seeking court to give exclusive legal right of one particular kind of decision. BM countersued asking either the court now make her CP or grant 50/50. 

Anyway, BM claims her household expenses are $6800. This includes supposedly spending $1000 in groceries a month. Which is laughable because in our area there's NO WAY anyone would spend that amount for the size of her household. 

When did kids stop learning to entertain themselves?

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We went to a lake this afternoon and went fishing. But it's a really hot day so we came home and we were relaxing. 

Then SD comes in and about every other minute "what can I do?" "I wish I could do something". 

Go play with your toys? Draw? Read? 

All suggestions I made that she didn't respond to or do!

Of course now she's taken over the TV AGAIN to watch a really stupid show. 

On the brightside? She leaves to BM's tomorrow for 2 weeks!! 

Just the usual

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I made plain rice and plain chicken for SD who is a picky eater. She per usual sat in the living room watching a movie and of course didn't eat.

DH and I are of course done eating. I came to the bedroom to relax. And DH followed me. 

SD is still taking her sweet ass time to eat. And now DH is negotiating with her on how much to eat. Like what?! 

And then he's invited her to come snuggle with us in my fucking bed. 

No, I don't want to snuggle. I want to relax. 

I'll probably get up and watch my damn show. 

Speaking of people who fail to disengage...

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There's a local news story of a BM's BOYFRIEND choking her teenage son over a missed curfew and locked phone. So boyfriend gets arrested, BM lies to police that there was no choking, then police find text messages BM sent to a family member in fact confirming boyfriend choked the son. 

Did I mention I know this BM? and if social media is anything to go by, she is still dating him. Jesus.

Half-Siblings and Custody Modifications

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Looking for insight or opinions from others who maybe have had similar situations. 

So, a little background: DH and BM reopened their case over a year ago for modification. I won't go into too many details as to what DH is seeking to modify because it's not relevant to my question. But BM is seeking to modify to 50/50 at minimum. 

During their original divorce, DH was named the custodial parent and BM the NCP, despite that at the time the divorce was finalized, BM had a new baby, now SD's half-sister.