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Discipline and bored at school

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So, first off SD got in trouble with her teacher for disrupting "class" because she'd chat back her classmates or send the school counselor messages during the lesson. 

SD lives with us. This is on record with the school. SD even told the teacher she was with her dad. 

What does teacher do? Never called DH. Called BM. Which is just utter BS and to me just serves to try to nullify the role of dads. 

Anyway, DH had a talk with SD anyway about not being disruptive etc. 

But BM is hyperfocused always on "punishing" SD. She told SD that she needed to be punished. So, she banned SD from talking to her friends on Messenger Kids for an indefinite amount and also said SD's half sister was going to be the one to pick what everyone watched. 

Is it me or is this not only extreme but also just a drive to humiliate SD and pit her against her sister? Mind you, half sister already LAUGHS at SD when she gets in trouble. Like she finds joy in it. 

In any event, DH did call out the teacher today for not calling him. And the teacher admits SD is occasionally disruptive because she's smart and bored out of her mind. Which we've known. All because BM forced her to repeat Kinder because of the cut-off age and refuses to even entertain the idea of private school with more advanced curriculum. 


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My son at the age of 16 decided to tell the teacher that she had got a maths equation wrong in front of the class - she had indeed got the answer wrong..ooops

Sometimes when he was bored at school (before a temporary lazy period struck) he would do additional things from a more difficult maths book after doing what had been assigned in class. Some children can be good at ‘self teaching’ given the right circumstances.