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Update and question on modification

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I cant remember when I was last here. I've been gone as there hasnt been anything to vent and I had a medical procedure I was recovering from. Nothing serious. 

When summer ended, some of the stress alleviated plus i have disengaged more which has helped me feel happier in my own home and enjoy spending time with SD without worrying about her behavior etc. 

Also DH FINALLY had the final hearing for the modification he filed and BMs counter petition. Now it's just waiting for the judge's decision. 

For anyone who has done a modification, in your experience how long did It take for judge to render a decision?

Every case is different I know. Just impatient. 


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Wait... you had the hearing and he didn't rule then?

I mean we have one open contempt case where the judge put a stay on his ruling to see if BM will follow the rules one last time, but he always ruled on everything else right there... 

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No she unfortunately didn't. I think she was going to review some of the communication between DH and BM.

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WOW! Oy... something new to look forward to potentially happening in the future.

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They never make immediate rulings here. You have to wait, sometimes for months.