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I find it funny

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I find it funny how much BM lies about her expenses and income. 

So as I've mentioned in previous posts, DH and BM are in an ongoing modification battle. DH is seeking court to give exclusive legal right of one particular kind of decision. BM countersued asking either the court now make her CP or grant 50/50. 

Anyway, BM claims her household expenses are $6800. This includes supposedly spending $1000 in groceries a month. Which is laughable because in our area there's NO WAY anyone would spend that amount for the size of her household. 

Oh and the kicker? In 2018 her household only earned 76k? You do the math. 

But of course despite all this BM and her current husband both got LASIK. BM's husband got a $50,000 vehicle. And they are going to Disneyworld with 3 kids to include SD, SD's half sister, and stepbrother. 

And SD mentioned that they're going to get their hair and makeup done like princesses. Which folks let me tell you, that runs $64-165 a kid. 

I just don't get why people lie and think they won't be found out. 


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BM here claimed she spends 1K on groceries for just her and SS19.  Sheesh, someone needs to learn frugal shopping.

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I don't know. We live in a low COL area and DH and I only spend around $400 per month, so whatever the hell they are buying, we sure aren't.

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spend like Chef does at the grocery store.  He goes to the fanciest,  most expensive store and buys pre prepared and high end gourmet stuff for "convenience."

  Ribeye steaks, little neck clams and beer.  Doesn't care about sales,  price comparison, stocking up or coupons.  Danny Wegman thanks him!

He does the grocery shopping and cooking most of the time now because my job is way too demanding.

When I retire, I will be doing all the shopping at Aldis and the cooking!! We will save a fortune. 

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Wow! I think our BMs may be related. But ours still out-spends yours. In her most recent filing, she claims she spends $1200 on groceries. SHE LIVES ALONE! DH has full custody of the skids!! How can ONE person spend $1200 on groceries?!?! I've determined it's all the booze she buys. Logic being: it comes from "the grocery store" so it counts as "groceries".

But seriously, I get it. We have been fairly fortunate as far as courts go with seeing BM's lies about money. I mean, no where near as lucky as she'd be if the situation were reversed and it was DH who wasn't paying CS or alimony. But still. Our last court date ended up with BM having to pay half of the court-ordered therapy (for her and the skids) which was as close to a win as I think you can get with these BMs.

Good luck to you when it's your turn!!