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Stepdaddy expects SS12 to be punished at our house

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As you all know I have been complaining for awhile about Bm1 and her crazy. Today DH told me he was mad about a situation.

We had SS12 over the weekend. 

At the beginning of the weekend BM told DH that SS is to not play any video games at our house because he did not do the dishes at Bm house. (?)

 He is GREAT at doing chores at our house.So we let him play for a bit when he was at our house. 


Even on my Birthday, Step-sister doesn't quit (i'm laughing)

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Today is my birthday! I turned 22 today!!*biggrin*

Me and Step-dad are major fans of the city's hockey team, like it's an obession! My favorite player is our goal tender. I've been searching on amazon and someone was selling his jersey WITH HIS SIGNATURE on it. I really wanted to get it for myself. Guess who much it was for? $1500.00. I'm like i WANT it, I don't NEED it, so i decided not to get it. 


Help and advice needed!

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Has anyone been in the same situation as me, i.e. my 3 year boyfriend (we live together) has a 13 year old son with extremely bad behavior. He started high school this year and has already failed his first year. He lies, steals, skips school, and started doing things that 13 year old's dont do yet. BUT he is a very nice kid. He feels guilt and he's very smart. He understands that what he does is wrong, but he does it anyway. 


update on step-sister and after 9 years of NO CONTACT bio-dad is trying to get back in the picture!!

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I honestly feel like I should sell my life to a producer and let them make a tv series about it! I could make a fortune!!!