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Is it normal to dislike your step kids?

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My partner of 3yrs has two kids, 10yr girl & 8yr boy. They pretty much rule the roost and as long as they are happy everything is rosy. They live with us 24/7 as their mother has nothing to do with them. I have grown kids of my own so been there and done that, but try as I might to raise these two to have respect & manners, I just get shot down by my partner every time. 


Help and advice needed!

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Has anyone been in the same situation as me, i.e. my 3 year boyfriend (we live together) has a 13 year old son with extremely bad behavior. He started high school this year and has already failed his first year. He lies, steals, skips school, and started doing things that 13 year old's dont do yet. BUT he is a very nice kid. He feels guilt and he's very smart. He understands that what he does is wrong, but he does it anyway.