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The Job Starts

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SS starts his job this evening .  He is actually up , cleaned out his room and is helping his dad paint his room.  They are actually talking.  Well his dad is talking to him.   SS took yesterday off from school to catch up on school work.   We shall see.   He is working in one of the fanciest resturants in town as a dish washer / food prep person.   His cough should be interesting.  I'm not sure I want to eat in a resturant that has workers constantly coughing and sneezing as I sit here venting hearing him cough and sneeze as he has all week.   The vents in my house do not mask sound and I


To the Offspring - Why Don’t You Get a Job?

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Another offshoot to the SD car insurance saga…

SD17 had a job. SD17 had a reaction to something in the environment and Dr wouldn’t clear her to go back to that job until they figured out what it was. This was back at the end of the school year. SD17 hasn’t seen an allergist and has been ‘surviving’ by babysitting throughout the summer. Well here we are within spitting distance of the school year starting and SD still hasn’t found a real job. I casually asked her the other day how the hunt was going. Here’s how that went…

Me:        Dad says you might have a lead on a job?