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The Job Starts

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SS starts his job this evening .  He is actually up , cleaned out his room and is helping his dad paint his room.  They are actually talking.  Well his dad is talking to him.   SS took yesterday off from school to catch up on school work.   We shall see.   He is working in one of the fanciest resturants in town as a dish washer / food prep person.   His cough should be interesting.  I'm not sure I want to eat in a resturant that has workers constantly coughing and sneezing as I sit here venting hearing him cough and sneeze as he has all week.   The vents in my house do not mask sound and I can hear him coughing in his room.  


In response to the bed wetting incident.  I believe he is stressed , missing school, not taking his medication and whatever it is he is hiding.  The smell of incense in starting to give me a headache.  Yes I"ve mentioned it to DH and yes he comes home to windows open and me telling him the smell of incense is giving me a headache.  Thank god no incense today.  The incense burner is currently in the multi-purpose room while his room is being painted.   I do believe there are drugs involved as his sister did smoke when she was here before as well as smoked last summer while she was here.  I can smell the marajuana as well as smell the incense used to cover up said marajuana plus I have seen the bong.   Of course his daughter has promised that she will not smoke in the house but these kids say and do two different things.  

Well here's to the job and hope it lasts. 


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Throw the incense burner and the bong in the trash. Break them first so SS can't dig them back out. I'm so disgusted your husband allows smoking in the house. Gross!

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Seems there is no limit to what her DH will allow this kid to do in the house. Or not do, as the case may be.

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And he gets his room painted? Before he proves he deserves it? At least he's helping. I refused to repaint OSDs room until she proved she could keep it reasonably (not even perfectly) clean, and that she must help paint, but she  refused. Said I went back on my word. Yes, yes I did because rotting food and moldy towels, the state of your room was beyond reasonble and until you can take care of it, I will not do my part. That's what I said.

I repainted it once it was clear she wasn't coming back and before we replaced the flooring. She got mad at DH for changing her room. Almost a year after she left. Yeah, nope.