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Got both of my parents to divorce their partners and made them get back together.

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Hey i'm not a step parent or anything, i'm actually a 21 year old guy that is starting to feel gulity for what he's done in the past and i need help on what to do. 

My parents ended up getting a divorce from eachother when i was 8. they just "feel out of love" as how i remember how they put it. it was a pretty civil divorce and both mom and dad got 50:50 custody. most kids around this age would have been pretty upset about something like this, but i wasn't. i was told that i would have 2 houses, 2 birthday parties, 2 chrismas eves. Basically everything x2 and i was okay with it. Both of my parents also told me that they love me no matter what and that i'm always gonna be their little boy

Flash fowward 2 years and both of my parents started dating. i was pretty happy about it actually!!! i was like YAY now i'm gonna have 4 people to love me!(little did i how wrong i was). Within the next year both parents got married and i was really happy for them. i thought that if my parents were happy, i would be happy to. Basically i win-win situation. F.Y.I for a 13 year old to think like this was pretty impressive if i do say so myself :).

My step mom and step-dad were anything BUT perfect. they ALWAYS picked on me, they ALWAYS found the faults in anything i did. keep this in mind. i was a straight A student that did his chores. I always respeted my elders because that's how i was raised. When i started to get dispected from both step parents, i told my parents and they promised me that they would fix it. DIDN'T HAPPEN. if anything the disrespect only gotten worse!!! i starte to to slowly resent my parents for not "protecting me" and began to think that they only cared about they're new partners and i was forgotten about. 

Around the time i was 14, i came to the conclusion that i was bi-sexual and told both by parents(my bio-parents). They took it pretty well and told me that they were proud of me and that the loved me no matter what. So someone tell me why they were letting they're partners dispect me so much!!!???. Finally i decided that enough is enough. If they weren't going to do anything then i would do something about. i'm sorry to admit but i was/still am very manipulative and sneaky. just that my step parents didn't know that but trust me they would come to know of it very soon. i basically had decided that my step-parents had to go!-yes i know i wasn't my call, but i was sick and tired about how i was being teated. telling my parents didn't do anything, and i wasn't about to let some FUCKING STRANGER ruin my relationship with my parents. Remember how i said that that i was sneaky, i sometimes would hear their conversations and i understood that both of my parents are trying to have more kids. Remember i was 14 around this time. i knew that if my parents had more kids, then i knew that my step-parents would be around for the rest of my self and i wasn't going to let that happen!!!

i started to act out as one would say in froont of my step parents, noting too bad just questioning their them aout them: why do i have to do this? why can't you do this? etc  etc. as exptected they tried to put my in my place and show me that i was the minor and that they were the adults. Luckily both my parents were able to catch how my step parents were talking to me. i did what they asked of course. then later i would over hear my parents telliing their partners to try to talk nicer to me (both of my parents are pretty passive). basically i new how to get my parents to back me up (never in front of me but always behind my back). started doing this more and more and low and behold the same thing to happen. Only as it continues to happen, my parents were becoming increasing more vocal to their partners and "respect is a two way street and if you want it then you have to give it". eventually i started to feel gulity and was debating about stopping. was i really gonna put my own hapiness above my parents? was i really that type of person? would i stoop so low?? i was considering actually letting my parents stay happy and maybe oneday that their partners would TRY to be nice to be. so i decided to just continue to be myself and see what happends in time. EVERYTHING CHANGED ON MY 15TH BIRTHDAY PARTY. i per the promise x2 b-day parties. the step-parents were still being total douche bags to be. i guess they find out about me being bi-sexual, i guess my parents told them(THAT PISSED ME OFF) and they started (BOTH) starting treating me worse than before. WHY!!! ON MY BIRTHDAY PARTY OF ALL TIMES!!!!!! over the following year, i started high school and met my first boyfriend. we were dating for like 4 months, my parents new and they were supportive but my step-parents were first class douche bags!!!!! they basically would snicker and roll their eyes when ever i brought my BF home to chill (just to confrim i was not sexually active at this time). - if anything i feel like my step dad and step-mom should get to together because there both such trash!!!!

One day i overheard my step-dad talking to one of his friends on the phone and he was like "yeah my step-son is a fairy" and my step mom would crack jokes like "hey, what kind of dresses should i get you?" again not infront of my parents but i knew if i told my parents they would just say "we'll fix it". other thing i was by no way a fariy!!! by boyfriend was in grade 12 and was captain of the football team an he was pretty buff and so was i. people were shoced that we were actually dating cause they both thought that we were straight. sorry gettting side-track. BUT I KNEW THAT ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. THEY HAD TO GO . I DON'T CARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE BUT NO ONE GETS TO DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT. YOU QUESTION MY LIFE CHOICES AND MAKE FUN OF ME BEHIND MY BACK AND WORSE I FIND OUT. YOU'RE GONNA REGRET IT. 

Basically parents if they could both pick me up from school and we could go hang out for a bit together. of course they asked my couldn't they're partners come and i told them it's kind of a personal thing. luckly they understood. Mom and Dad came. we went for a walk, sat at a bench and i basically told them that their partners are not accepting me for who i am and they're making rude jokes about me to my face and behind my back and i even told them i was not the verge of commiting sucided cause of them (i lied, but at the time i feel like my parents were just trying to play both sides and trying to keep me and their partners happy but i just wasn't working. so i lied to finally get them to do somthing about it, and believe me they did!!). they called both of their partners and told them to meet us at the bench we were sitting at. they both came. they looked rather alarmed that both of my parents were sitting with eachother and with me. then my mom asked both of them point blank "we're hearing that you're making fun of our son about dating another boy, is this true ryan?" and dad was like "this better not be true, is it Sarah!". THE BASTARDS COUDN'T EVEN LOOK ME IN MY EYES. !!! both of my parents told them they have until the end of the day to pack ther stuff and leave and that they both want a divorce!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS LIKE I WON

another year later mom and dad started seeing eachother again and another year they got re-married!!!! things have never been better. mom and dad are happy, i'm happy. but now i'm feeling guilty cause all this happen cause i told them that i was debating sucide. i was just so sick and tried of not getting respect. i know suicide is not something to joke about either. i was 15, i was angry, dating another guy, my step parents were docuhe bags and my parents weren't protecting me as they should be(for that i would always kinda told a little it of resenment, not a lot just a little bit). i just don;t know how to tell them, or even if i should tell them?? pls i need help me


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" I was a straight A student"  I don't need to be Maury with a lie detector test to determine that is a lie. 

Come on dude.  Straight A students don't have this many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in their life time much less in one story.  By the way, I quit reading about half way through where you started bragging about being sneaky and manipulitive. 

Have a nice life!  Bye

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Was going to say the exact same thing. I taught high school and college English for years. No way this kid was a 'straight A student' in English. Unless he went to a really, really bad school. I guess that is possible. 

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he attended the Girhippo's school district in Podunk, NY where everyone gets an "A" for Abyssmal.

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I don't even believe this story one bit. I stopped reading 1/2 way through it. This person is just looking for a reaction from a bunch of us step parents... basically we've had to deal with plenty already in our lives we know when to call bullshit. 

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Well of course your parents got together again and it was all perfect. Then you all went outside and danced under the rainbow raining skittles.*blush*

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you keep throwing around the word disrespected, but you never say how your steps disrespected you. Having 4 teenagers , i have learned that teens rarely think outside the box and try to view all angles and stand in all peoples shoes.  teenagers basically suck.

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I don't hear a f***ing ounce of regret in this. It sounds like shallow and selfish bragging.

Did you ever think maybe your parents were walking a fine line between being happy with new partners, and trying to be sure their son was taken care of? Especially when their son was being a little s***? For being "such a good kid" you sure are a self-loving, selfish little creature.

From what I can see, you broke them up completely based on lies, your stepparents got frustrated with YOUR treatment of them, I'm not saying they responded right, but I'm sure the response would have been different if you hadn't been such a little s***.

Also, the fact you felt the need to call your stepparents "F***ing strangers* says a lot about how you were treating them the entire time. You destroyed two marriages, lied about suicide, were a manipulative little s***f***ing b****, thought your parents should keep secrets from THEIR spouses and yet wonder why your stepparents wouldn't like you... Hmmmm.... Weird... 

And now, your parents have a relationship based off the lies YOU set out.

No advice is going to fix it.

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He is just looking for someone to either commend him or tell him he is justified in what he did. 

Nope! Wrong site bud

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Hmmm.... let's see...

I always respeted my elders because that's how i was raised.
No, you did not "respet" your elders. You, admittedly, acted out to INTENTIONALLY cause conflict.

i was/still am very manipulative and sneaky
So...STOP being a jerk.

i was sick and tired about how i was being teated
Your parents were addressing the way your stepparents "teated" you, but it was not enough, so you intentionally created more conflict. People are going to "teat" you the way you "teat" them.

i wasn't about to let some FUCKING STRANGER ruin my relationship with my parents
Eh-hem... they were not F*CKING STRANGERS to your parents - they were their spouses.

pls i need help me
* Apologize to your parents
* Write apology letters to your former stepparents
* Seek therapy. Intensive, 2-3 times a week therapy
* Take remedial English class

BTW, suicide is NOT a joke. It is absolutely appalling that you would LIE about something so serious simply to manipulate people you admittedly antagonized in order to RUIN TWO MARRIAGES. Seriously. GET THERAPY TODAY.

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Share your feefees with your parents and use a toilet instead of a stepparent site when you want to take a dump.

*Backs away slowly* 

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Well arent you the hero, you lied about a very serious mental issue SUICIDE, you got rid of FCKNG Strangers who saw you for what you are , a lying manipulative homewrecker. Congratulations, evil steps everywhere are celebrating.! Maybe they will name a day after you.

I hope you wallow in your guilt pool for eternity. Shameful , if this tall tale is accurate. 

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Is this guy for real? I mean seriously. You are admitting you are a snake in the grass and proud of it. You poor child of divorce!!!

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Young man, I'm sorry to say that you've been failed by more than your stepparents. Your English teacher should be ashamed! Acute

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Too funny 

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Maybe. Most likely a troll...I don't believe this story for a minute. Such a pathetic, millenial, 'poor COD' fantasy. Feel super sorry for OP. 

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My eyes are bleeding.

There/Their/They're. Dude. It's really not that hard. 

Glad these poor, defenseless stepparents got an out and don't have to deal with this narcissistic moron anymore. 


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I don't think he finished his story.  He forgot to mention that the poor, defenseless SPs got together a year or two down the road, got married, and then won the Powerball (as if they hadn't already won the lottery, in some ways, anyway)!!  They are now happily married and living on an island in Key West, Fla. along with their four rescue dogs.    Meanwhile, OP's two bio-parents, forcibly remarried, are living in a small, but comfortable trailer in Toledo, Ohio, along with their loving son.  Not exactly a paradise, but at least they are "happy" and have each other.

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Well, if he were finishing the story it would read more like: 

"i don'T fell to bad tho because my stepparent meeted later and got married n know their living on they're own property where i go to they're sometimes and they seem happy! So i dunno mabee i'd ben worried about nothing and there really going to be fine. won't lie still a little mad about how i wuz teated all those years but i tjink it good their livin in a nice hous too gether now."

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Totally agree with your comment. 

OP tell us did you get your mom to give up her child support check?

Edit to add: after going back and skimming thru all the parts I couldnt GET thru...IF IF IF this story is true PLEASE have some one take you to the er for assessment for mental health. You need help today.


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Its the sort of thing my sd would write if she could write English... Oh.  Seems op could hardly write English either. 'scratches head and begins to wonder' 

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And the winner, for best dramatic performance in a step-family drama, goes to...  *bad*


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while I check out what types of essays I can purchase from RidgeBeef.

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Ridgebeef, brantdolo, Galenbabe... is Mr. "notMESSwithME" having a little tantrum & spamming up the site?

We may have struck a nerve.