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Step kids help

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My girlfriend and I have been together 3 yrs, our son is 1. She had children already ages 12, 8, and 5(current ages) They have always caused issues with their behavior,  we moved in together about 2 months ago, and its been bad since day 1. I've been asked to be disciplinarian, but when I do it causes problems. It's fine for her to say I'm gonna get mad and come in room to scare children as a threat but as soon as I say anything or even raise my voice I'm the bad guy. When I bring subject up, its immediately met as saying she's a bad a parent which is not the case.


Am I wrong??

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Hello I’m new to all of this and I mean ALL of this.Im 22 been with my boyfriend for about four years he never told me he had a son then I found out months later his son is 3 then months later he had went to jail and his mother slipped up and said he had a daughter too!!I felt..boy I can’t even explain I was just like wow and obviously his daughter is 3 as well two different moms.he apologized when confronted and at first I felt okay with his kids but he started to treat me like I was an outsider like when we’d fight half the time over stuff he does he’d snatch his son from away f


Help and advice needed!

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Has anyone been in the same situation as me, i.e. my 3 year boyfriend (we live together) has a 13 year old son with extremely bad behavior. He started high school this year and has already failed his first year. He lies, steals, skips school, and started doing things that 13 year old's dont do yet. BUT he is a very nice kid. He feels guilt and he's very smart. He understands that what he does is wrong, but he does it anyway.