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First blog entry - Background

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Story time. It's a long one, but will give you some background into my life as a step/whatever.

Normally, I video chat my mom and sister to rant about SS11 troubles. With CORVID-19, my partner "D" is working from home, and I am unable to say anything with him in hearing shot. Our house is so small, even if I whispered in a different room he'd hear me. 


I have decided I'm going to keep a blog. I can rant to my hearts content on here. I don't think I will reply to any rude comments, or ones that tell me to leave, or calling D names, or whatever. 


Am I wrong??

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Hello I’m new to all of this and I mean ALL of this.Im 22 been with my boyfriend for about four years he never told me he had a son then I found out months later his son is 3 then months later he had went to jail and his mother slipped up and said he had a daughter too!!I felt..boy I can’t even explain I was just like wow and obviously his daughter is 3 as well two different moms.he apologized when confronted and at first I felt okay with his kids but he started to treat me like I was an outsider like when we’d fight half the time over stuff he does he’d snatch his son from away f


Very much dislike my 6 year old step daughter!!

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This is my first blog so will be long...sorry but really need some help and someone to talk to. Ok so I am a biological mother of 4 kids(3 girls and 1 boy) oldest is 10 and youngest 2. Two of them are from a previous marriage but they have been with me and my husband now for 7 years. So they have a great relationship. Ok so here is the husband just got sole custody of his 6 year old daughter in September. He had no relationship with her beforehand since he didn't know about her.