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6 years old and already boy crazy

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My SD is already interested in boys...extremely. She wants them to be more than friends. 3 that she has said at school. She wants to sit in their lap,hold hands ,all that. Her bus driver ended up saying something to my oldest daughter about it and she told me. My SD admitted that She wants all of that except kissing right now. This is all new for me because my daughter is 10 and in 4th grade and completely thinks boys are gross and mean and so I don't know how to approach this. I did have a convo with my SD about boys are mean and she needs to focus on herself and school and her friends.

Very much dislike my 6 year old step daughter!!

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This is my first blog so will be long...sorry but really need some help and someone to talk to. Ok so I am a biological mother of 4 kids(3 girls and 1 boy) oldest is 10 and youngest 2. Two of them are from a previous marriage but they have been with me and my husband now for 7 years. So they have a great relationship. Ok so here is the husband just got sole custody of his 6 year old daughter in September. He had no relationship with her beforehand since he didn't know about her.