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Girlfriend with son

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I guess the reason for this post is to get someone else's opinon on whether it is me or the situation which is wrong.

I met a girl 3 years ago who (at the time) had a 14 year old son. He will be 17 in a couple of months.  When I met her she had lived in her own house for the last 10 years.  For the first couple of years of her son's life she was living back with her mother.  Her mother and her have and continue to be the "parents" to her son.  I am not included in any of that side of things.


Impulsive 8 year old step daughter?

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I needed a place to vent without being judged and came across this site. Well let me first start off by saying once upon a time I was once my step daughter's favorite person and once she began to live with her bio mother she has switched up on me and barely speaks to me anymore. 



Grown Step Children Coming Over Every Weekend

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I recently married my DH of three years.  We moved in two months before getting married.  I have one daughter that is 10 and he has three daughters that are 22,20 and 13.  There little sister -8 (ex-wifes daughter) also comes along to from time to time too.  My issue is with the eldest two still coming every weekend from Friday to Sunday.  We live in a two bedroom apartment that gets really cramped.  When they all come its six of us in tight space with one bathroom.


Is this going to work?!

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My son and I recently (three days ago) moved in with my bf and his three teenage daughters. I have an 8 year old son. We've been together for a year and a half. I thought us having a long distant relationship and taking it slow was working so well. But it's only been 3 days and I'm already TERRIFIED of what is to come. I feel like I have hurt my son by bringing him 200 miles from home, away from everything he knows. The girls are each so different. The oldest and middle daughters, 15 and 14, have already been mean and hurtful.


Making a blended family work (need help)

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What are different things you guys did and maybe still do to bond with your skids?

What has their treatment of you been like?

How has your relationship with them changed over the years as they've gotten older?

Did any of you end up genuinely loving your skids and did they express genuine love for you in return?

If you could go back in time, is there anything you would've done differently?


Struggling to Step-parent his five kids and my biological son

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I hope that I can obtain some useful tips because I do not know what else to do. My future marriage depends on a solution. My fiance and I have been together over 5 years. We are both divorced, he has five children from his previous marriage and I have one. He is 40 years old and I am 30. His children are 18m, 16f, 14f, 9f twins and my son is 6. I have an extensive background in child development, it is actually my profession. He is in IT. His ex-wife after 15 years of marraige decided she was gay and has remarried.