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Tiktok on discipline and skids

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Thought I'd share this. Influecer makes Tiktok on how she feels about people telling her not to discipline her stepkids.  The comments are rolling in.


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It's  very mixed. Lots of comments from disgruntled skids saying no way because a step parent is not a parent. Then others says they can only discipline the kid if the sp has been around since the kid's birth. Some are patents saying no one tells my kid what to do. Then there are a few skids saying they liked the discipline because it made them feel like they were part of the family. Lots of other comments supporting step parent rules and boundaries.

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As to what makes her an influencer.  

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I can totally understand the mixed comments since that TikTok is 30 seconds of no context and all sass. Some SPs shouldn't discipline their SKs. Some can, should, and do. That video was meant to be inflammatory to drive up views, so I'm not surprised that the comments reflect that.