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Maybe our town is too small?

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Out of all the places a person can work in our area I find out I work in the same department as SD18's girlfriend. I was dropping off DH's truck when SD18 ran up to me. (He got her a temp job for her driving farm trucks with him). She tells me that I'm in the same department as her girlfriend and yesterday I asked her girlfriend questions about the work app. 

After I got home I looked up SD's social profile and sure enough there was her girlfriend and I recognized her from work. The strange thing though is that I did ask a couple of coworkers yesterday about the app but not SD's girlfriend. 

Typical SD chaos and confusion with fact and reality.

We have lots of places a person can work in our area. Why does SD's girlfriend have to be at the same place and same department as me??? I just started this job. I'm going to ignore it. I'm just there to work and nothing more.


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Why worry about a girlfriend of the stepkid,

Stay proffesional, work with the girlfriend, always be polite and friendly.

See stepkid probably told her what an evil cow you are, and now she will find out you are not.... I see only positive in this situation

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With the above comment.

All it takes is for you to be you girl. Turns the SD into a liar if she bad mouths you. 



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I'm just there to work

And that is exactly what you do. Go to work, be professional, be polite, and do your job. 

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I live in a small town and most places I have worked I have worked with people who know Meth Mouth and Spawn.   I used to work with a wife of one of the cops who kept arresting Meth Mouth, she would tell me the stories about Meth Mouth's arrests.  I have worked with one of Meth Mouth's ex best friends, and I have worked with a guy who is best friends with Spawn's ex high school sweetheart.   I'm pretty direct and honest with people, so most know I will tell them the truth if they want to know.  Reality is most of the people who know them don't have anything wonderful to say about them either.

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And guess who they hired as a temp back then at my old job?   A neighbor who had threatened bodily harm because I confronted her about her nephew (approx 12 yrs old) unzipping and pissing on my front lawn.