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How conveniently they forget

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DH was surprised by a casual reference by DS19 to OSS19 and something that DHs super, special, angelic snowflakes would never, ever do. Yet DH had been told a few months ago that OSS was doing this thing, I think by OSS himself. DH conveniently forgot/ignored it and his physical reaction now made it obvious he had buried his head.

This isn't a situation where OSS should be banned from the house or anything, just a typical teen-adult thing. I'm in observation mode and I find it interesting and kind of sad how quickly DH erases things he doesn't want to know and gets surprised by them multiple times.


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My DH is a champ at doing this when is comes to Spawn. It's almost like he has forgotten entire periods of time when she lived with us. He will literally tell me he has no clue what I am talking about in reference to something she would do, even our kids are like "Seriously dad she did that all the time!"

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Yep mine does this badly. He also magically just doesnt see her doing things right in front of him.