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The farce is strong with this one

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There is a household rule that there are no electronics, other than phones, in any bedroom. The kids can use the electronics in the common areas or borrow a laptop and use it in their rooms temporarily (like an hour or two at a time) to do homework. Gaming is to be done in common areas.

That is the rule as set by DH, but it's not a rule if you are DH and the perps are the skids. I have asked, you know, since it went against the rule and my own kid was held to the rule. I just got a non-commital answer.

It's five o'clock, do you know where your kids are?

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The last few months have been, well, completely random as to whether there are skids at the house. I don't have any idea who will be there and when. I've stopped asking since it really doesn't affect me (sometimes they don't show up until 9pm when one has gotten off of work and they wait to come together...and it seems pointless to me for them to come here just to sleep because it's "dad's night" but mentioning that is not okay).

Pick a lane

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DH told me the other day just before he took YSS to a tournament that went all day that YSS has been on the bench so far in his sport and was almost the entire year last year. And that he'd probably sit there all day. He's JV and at this point should be at the upper end and getting ready for varsity. While the kid is super talented at the finesse of the game, he has not and will not (because of family genetics) grow to the height and muscle strength he needs to compete at a varsity/college/professional level in this sport.

Back to the Future - holy crap karma!

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Was going through old photos of DS. Old photos, like baby through elementary school.

I found a picture of DS and OSS together when they were 2! DH and I didn't meet until DS and OSS were 10! I asked DH to confirm that the kid I thought was OSS was in fact OSS. Yup. Apparently they were at the same daycare, in the same room, for a short while (and they sent pics home regularly).

Not funny, karma.

OMG DH stated an irritation with his own kids

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It has been so long since he's said something that wasn't rainbows and unicorns, I wasn't sure I heard him correctly.

The skids have very little in the way of non-athletic/jeans clothing. Most of their dressier clothing has been purchased buy us and has disappeared. I know they still have it as things have been mentioned recently: each had a HS event where they needed to wear nicer clothing. DH did not get any of it back so they had nothing yesterday to wear to church and out with family. He used to crab at me if I made any comment about scaling back on the nicer brand/clothing.

Interesting reaction at therapy

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Had my first session with my old therapist (about a decade and a half have passed!). It was interesting that while I was bitching about things (which I warned her was what I needed to do since I don't have anyone IRL I can do that with), that I started crying when I said this: "I wish I had a better relationship with my skids." Not about my frustrations with DH, not about foibles and lack of parenting. I'm more upset about my lack of relationship with the skids than my crappy relationship with DH.

I know it’ll bite me either way

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I’m not dumb, DH, I know this will come around to bite me any way I play it. 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I got myself a Netflix account. For just me. I logged in when I wanted to watch and logged out afterward (on a gaming console). In a moment of insanity I told DH about it and that it was not for the kids. Well, DH went ahead and showed the skids. 

Magically no curfew

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After being so against my DS having no curfew when he turned 18 (this last fall), and adamantly stating that OSS will continue to have a curfew, magically the last few weekends OSS has been out much, much later than DS has ever been. (I know the times because I can see it on our family locator app. Times/location history comes up as you open it.)

When I didn't come home at my curfew there was hell to pay. There were negotiations as I aged of later and later curfews, but I didn't get to just ignore the rule and no one pretended like we had all telepathically decided it was okay.