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How Disney works

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If you've been to Disney as a tourist, you've seen the park. Do any of you know what else happens to make it all work? I have a cousin who used to work for Disney and I happened to read an article on Disney World.

Did you know that Disney World is built on a swamp and there's a whole underground level beneath the park to shore it up and handle all the cleaning, maintenance, and management of the parks? That's how characters show up magically, that they have an underground level where they can go quickly from place to place?

Explain this one

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OSS held up by DH as the pinnacle of responsibility since he has a part time job. This is the almost 18yo who also cops out of his one extracurricular continually and does no hygiene activity without prompting. DS and YSS do not have jobs but are in multiple extracurriculars and participate fully in them. 

Last week BM had to go out of town and asked if the skids could stay here. Sure. Fine. 

This week DH and I have to go out of town overnight and DH suggested that DS watch the house and pets. 

Update to "the kid smells"

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Per DH he had a conversation with BM when he dropped off some kid stuff. He asked her in front of the kids if she has as hard a time getting them to shower and do basic hygiene as he does at our house. She said yes and indicated that she has an especially hard time with OSS.

...and that was it. DH said he did it "publicly" to embarass them. I hate to tell DH but those kids are not embarassed. Mad, maybe, that it was brought up but not embarassed. And was that public? It was inside a house with just the "first family" present.

The kid smells

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Last night I walked into a room and caught a waft or something rancid. I figured it was  one of the skids who still had not showered. This morning I went to get coffee and got another powerful hit of the same smell. I can smell him from a couple feet away. Hm. This means he put on clothing that is so dirty it’s got a smell. 

I told DH. Why? Because the kid can be smelled from a distance and I’m a kind enough person that I don’t want the kid embarrassed by having a peer point it out at school. 

Update to different in talking to kids vs skids

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When I got home I talked with DS and he definitely is feeling picked on and mentioned a time I hadn't even thought was a time he was singled out. It was lack of inclusion but it stung, apparently.

My personal opinion is that DH does get upset when he looks at DS because DS is very similar to how DH was in HS, and his own kids are not and I think that stings. However, that's no reason to be pissy.