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SD18 Stooped Very Low

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I will start off by saying I should have been more mature when I heard SD18 had gotten in a brawl. The woman who fought her I used to work with, but I never really talked to her because she was the sister of SD's girlfriend and usually SD tells lies to about me to anyone who she wants pity from. 

I should have left it alone, but I messaged the woman and told her I don't know anything about the fight but I was happy someone had finally called out SD on her crap. The woman told me she doesn't want SD around her sister or the rest of her family ever again. She went on to say that SD had snuck into her parents house and after SD had left the woman found her sister covered in bruises and cuts from SD.  Why the police weren't called I dont know. If they were called SD would probably been able to talk her way out of it anyway. 

I chatted a few more times with the woman. I never wanted or expected to hang out or be buddies or anything like that. We both knew the hell that SD can bring to people and we both liked talking to someone who understood and went through it.

I'm talking about the woman in past tense. She sadly died of an overdose 3 days ago. It upsets me. I wasn't her friend, but she was a kind person that left the world too soon. 

Then DH gets a text from SD. Evidently SD is comforting her ex girlfriend during her time of grief from her sisters death. SD had the woman's phone and found the shorts chats I had had with her. SD sent a screenshot to DH of me telling the woman I was happy that someone finally stood up to SD. I told DH that yes it was my conversation and told him what I'd said without even looking at it.  DH said that SD felt hurt by it. 

What the heck? So SD tattling on me to DH, that's nothing new. I'm appalled SD is going through a dead woman's phone! She's looking through her personal messages! She's looking for references about herself. She's making drama off of what should be privacy and respect for the dead. Its not supposed to be about SD right now. It's supposed to about grieving for a woman's life that ended.

Can't put anything beyond SD and dumb of me to ever get involved in absolutely anything having to do with her for any reason. 


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Isn't your boyfriend employed in a law enforcement type career? Or am I thinking the wrong person? 

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No I'm married and he is not in law enforcement. Although his bother was in enforcement until he died in the line of duty a few months ago. Maybe I talked about it in a separate post?

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I think SteppedOut might have meant me. Our usernames are similar, and our SD's are close in age.

Very sorry for your loss, and my sympathies for your trouble with SD. 

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IM sorry for that womans suffering, and just in awe that your husband is like that. But I really shouldnt be, considering my own situation.

I just hope that SD gets her repercussions some day.

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This is exactly why POS people like your nasty SD should have to deal with law enforcement each and every time they perpetrate their shit against others.  Being cuffed and stuffed into the back seat of a patrol car in front of everyone in the neighborhood is exactly what this POS needs IMHO.  Even better if she fights and gets seasoned and fried (maced and tazed).  

It is sad that your ally is no longer able to be a confidante in your life experiences with your nasty failed family spawn SD.  I am sorry for your loss.

If I were you I would have climbed DH's ass for even bringing it up.  He does not see clearly that the issue is not SD's hurt fee fees but that his nasty failed family crotch dropping broke into someone's home, assaulted a "friend", got into a fight with the friend's sister, stole a phone, and now her fee fees are hurt because you and the recently deceased lady discussed the facts of her bullshit?  Really? RUFKM!

Up your standards in a mate and move on.

For your own good.

You have no maturity issues in this scenario. Do not put this on yourself. This POS SD and her idiot father own it. Make sure you keep that message front and center.

Good luck.