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Parenting - the Americans are crazy with child-centric rearing

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As a Step parent with no bios of my own, I found this EXTREMELY interesting. All the stuff that I see step parents having extreme issues with, completely laid out, but with actual solutions and reasonings. 

Here it is with the article included:

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Back to School Day & Disengaging

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I have been venting a lot since I started blogging on ST and naturally much of it is negative.  On a positive note, I've also been reading A LOT of what you fine folks have to say and with your help, have been learning more about disengaging.  Well, SD16 (the only one at home f/t) started back to school this morning and although I have had a couple of hiccups, I feel MUCH less stress having ramped up the disengagement.  This is hard for me because I was admittedly a Mama Bear to my BS during his school years, I've been responsible for helping get SKIDS (particularly the girls) ready for the


My sd's bm is an awful parent... Am I fighting a losing battle

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My sd's bm is an awful parent..  Doesn't believe in manners, brushing teeth or hair, cannot enforce any boundaries, doesn't care about schooling, let's her eat sweets all day..... It goes on... Its killing me as I love her like she's my own.... Any tips please 


My Boyfriend's Kids Are Lazy and Have No Discipline!

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My Boyfriend and I have been living together for about 8 months.  He has 3 children (Boy-age 14, Girl-age 10, and Girl-age 6)and I have two children (Girl-age 17 and Boy-age 11).  

I am admittedly pretty strict with my kids when it comes to cleaning up after themsleves, not back talking, and taking responsibilty for themselves and their actions.  My boyfriend on the other hand, not so much!


Whiney step son

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<p>I have been with this man since his son was 6-8 months old I have a son of my own that was around 5 or 6 when we got together​ now my son is&nbsp; turning 8 this year and his son is almost 1 1/2 years​ old and we had 2 girls together one is 1 year and 3 months the other is 3 months old. He and his ex wife share split custody and he seems to get whinier as he gets older and now he&#39;s starting to back talk and have attitude. I don&#39;t look forward to him coming over at all and I want to change that but have tried unsuccessfully.


DH is not parentng SS12

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Okay so here goes( a bit lengthy)

DH seems oblivious to SS12 manipulations. When I bring it up he makes excuses for SS12 and tells me he is a good kid.

The past few weekends and days he has been "forgetting" his bookbag(with homework) at BM house. DH gives lecture about how important homework is then does nothing but spends hundreds of dollars on the kid and lets him play videogames.

His grades are slipping. DH gives lecture but refers kid to me for privileges such as videogames.