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Noises, anxiety, and tears Oh My

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Hello. I (31F) am a step parent of a 13 year old and 17 year old, both girls. I am lucky that their moms are pretty easy to get along with. 

My husband and I are very happy. We have a string relationship with open communication and honesty. The one area in which we consistently disagree is discipline for the kids. 


I grew up in a mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive home. I have no framework of what a balanced amount of discipline is. He grew up in a very healthy home. He was rarely disciplined and turned out great. 


Feeling Stuck

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I'm brand new to forums and I've been with my fiancé for almost 2 1/2 years. We're both usually on the same page when it comes to ss3 and we never get nasty with eachother, only typical couple bickering here and there. It's honestly the healthiest relationship that I have ever been in. This post is going to be quite long but it explains everything from me entering this new life to present day so that you get the jist of how BM is.