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SS27 and his son staying 2 days

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I'm pretty sure they will only stay 2 days but...I just happen to be getting a new puppy tomorrow. Why are they coming now? They've been staying with friends of ours and those friends have all their other kids and people who usually live with them gone for spring break. They want the house alone to themselves for a couple of days and so SS and his son need to be gone during that time. DH asked if they could come here and I gave a nervous ok.

A few minutes after I agreed I realized we get to pick up our new puppy tomorrow. SGS5 (step grandson age 5?) Is relentless in pursuing animals. He doesn't leave them alone. I remember when I was younger I so badly wanted to wake my sleeping puppy but my parents said no so I didn't. SGS does not have those kind of boundaries in place.  

Then he asked if he could ride his motorcycle. DH said not tonight but he could tomorrow.. SGS said his dad said he could ride it all day tomorrow while we are gone getting the puppy. I dont see how thats going to work. We live on 4 acres and have 2 pastures on either side of our home. One pasture has bull calf we are trying to get to calm down and load into a trailer. The trailer is backed into the pasture and filled with feed in order to entice the bull calf. In addition to the chickens (no worries about them except when SGS is chasing them) our other pasture has 2 weaned calves we got only last week. One is being treated for pneumonia. They are both adjusting to their surroundings. They are skittish and scared still. I dont see a kid riding a motorcycle around them as being a good idea. They need to get used to noise and activity but they don't need to be hit with it all at once.

Maybe everything will work out and we won't have any problems. Maybe I'm just over thinking things and being over concerned.


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"put them in my pocket and forgot" I would postpone picking up the puppy. As a breeder myself I would have no problem with someone explaining that to me and asking you wait. My own grandkids drive me crazy with my small dog. Always bugging her and one plays scared, then when I kennel her he's over there bugging her in the kennel. Then if you don't go you're there for the possible motorcycle terror. 

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As for the pup, if your breeder is local I would see if you can delay the pick-up.  The calves, they will adjust to the noises, part of socialization.  Of course it would be good to limit the hours of noise-which you can do if you are home.   I'd check with breeder and see if you can delay a few days.