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Kicking out SS24

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First thing in the morning I'm telling SS24 that its not working out having him live at our house and he can't live here anymore. I've been so tired of him and his son who he brings over every weekend and the last few weeks suddenly he brings him on Thursdays. 

Since last Saturday he's made it obvious how much of a leech he is. On Saturday DH was in a logging accident and snapped both bones in his forearm. He had to be pulled out of a tree by a bunch of firemen and paramedics. He was swinging upside down from his safety harness after the top of a tree swung down and crushed him. He had surgery yesterday. He's in a lot of pain. I've had to help him do everything and I mean everything that a person usually does for themselves. On the same day as DH's accident DD10 comes down with a fever. They tested her for everything but she still had a fever for 6 days. She also developed oral thrush somehow. She is in too much pain to eat and wakes up crying from her tongue hurting. Her tongue looks like it got acid poured on it.

I'm close to melt down. Actually I already melted down once yesterday. I was so exhausted and so stressed. On top of all this all the animals need to be fed on our little farm. The garbage needs to be taken out (I got it done). The dishes need to go into the dish washer, clothes need washed and house needs to be picked up. Its all on me to get it done. DD10 helps out when she can. Does either SS23 and SS21 help? No they have not. They've done nothing even when directly asked.

Then tonight SS23's son keeps walking into the bathroom slamming the door. He keeps doing this every 10 minutes or so. We have a small home. Everyone hears everything and I have 2 people in a lot of pain and can barely sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. So I tell his son the third time of him going into the bathroom (I'm sitting in family room and all rooms including bedrooms and bathroom is connected to the family room) that if he is having stomach troubles then its fine if he needs to keep going to bathroom but if he isn't then he needs to stop going back and forth through the house. He then runs back to his dad and before I know it SS23 is coming with him. I tell SS23 what I told his son. Then SS starts going off on me about how his son is scared to go in the bathroom. It took me a moment to realize what had just happened. He was going off on me in my home because he was too lazy and hung over to walk his scared son to the bathroom. And I'm just supposed to guess that his son was scared? Not only this but flashbacks of SD tattling on me over things I never did or telling a backwards story trying to get me in trouble came back to me. 

SS23 was already walking a fine line and he picked the wrong time to raise his voice and talk down to me.  I would have kicked him out anyway for it somehow or would have to hope DH would do it. Nothing is stopping me. He has to go. He has to take his son and their dog with him. I can't wait. 

DH has been saying he has a plan to get the adult kids out of the house but so far I've still been waiting for his "plan" to be put into action. Go figure the stepmom gets to be the one to do it. 


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Just stopping by to say Im sorry for your trouble, you really have your hands full.  I hope your DH's healing goes quickly and smoothly and your DD gets well soon.  I entirely understand you wanting to clear the decks and i hope all goes smoothly.  Please let us know how it all goes.  Thinking of you and your family.

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So sorry you have so much going on!  Here's hoping your DH and DD have speedy recoveries.

Pleae make sure you have phone in hand to call 911 if there are any problems with SS when you tell him to leave.  It might also make sense to contact a lawyer befor you do an have an eviction notice in hand.  As much as it stinks and adds an extra layer of challenge, your SS could have some sort of rights if he's lived there long enough.  

Having an eviction notice at least adds weight to what you are doing.

Will your DH support you in an eviction?

If SS causes any problems, call it in to the police so you have the record of what happens.

You will get through this!

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I've run different scenarios through my head based on how he reacts and calling the police to get him out is what I will do if he refuses. 

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Wow, your DH is lucky to be alive.

Yes, you will have to kick them out. Start by shutting down anything that you and DH pay for - Internet, food, cars, etc. Give them a time frame to be out and start eviction proceedings. Make them uncomfortable enough that they want to leave.  If that means fights and arguments, so be it.

Clearly they don't care about their father any more than the care about you since they can't even be bothered to help when he's in such pain. He must be very proud of the lazy freeloaders he's raised.

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Giving them a date to move out and taking away the things we pay for would be the ideal and preferred method to move them out, but DH hasn't been able to get on the same page as me when it comes to initiating it and the boys are willing to do without. They don't care if they live in squalor with nothing going for them as long as they can still go out and party (SS23 takes his son partying along with him).

The last couple of months they are here about 1 out of every 3 days. 

I dont think they have any legal grounds to refuse to move out. They haven't given me any money and they are not on the lease we have with our landlord.

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They may need to be evicted , but chances are good they won't know that. Change the locks when they are out. If you plan to wait for DH to want to do it, they will never leave. 

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I agree. Also, you may never get another opportunity like this to get rid of them (without your dh finding more excuses for them). 

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Good luck. I hope your husband is on board and you're in a state where it's easy to get the freeloaders out. Unfortunately, in some areas it's not as simple as telling them to leave and calling the cops.

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I've had an issue once before where I needed a person out who I let store some things in my garage. The officer told me I would have to do an eviction process because I accepted money which created a contract.

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I also heard in some areas if the person has received any mail at your residence you have to do eviction process.

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the only way i know is to admit you hate them tell everyone you know that you hate them because they are moochers everyday and more people will be curious and Google the word and read it for themselves.When the moocher is revealed they will move to different towns so they can start the mooching process again where people don't know them.Drastic times call for drastic measures.

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For DH, DD and YOU! Much success getting moocher 1 and moocher 2 our of there quickly and cleanly.