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Kicking out SS24 Update

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DH ended up being the one to talk to SS24 and SS23. I had gone soft and said I would allow 2 more months. At the end of March they have to be out. It doesn't matter if they have a place to stay or not. It's up to them to use the next 2 months to prepare so the have something to go to. SS24 got a job and is now staying with a friend. He asked DH's dad if he could stay with him and he said no. He said the same thing I said. SS24 will be making enough money to rent his own place. DH told me SS24 plans on still staying at our place on the weekends while he has his son. This is until he gets something else going. Arg! Those weekends are from Thursday to Sunday and sometimes longer.

SS23 or is it 22? I dont know. Wow I'm way off on both.  I just asked DH. They are ages 24 and 27.

So SS27 is one with a kid I've been mostly talking about and his younger brother is the one who is 24.  Hope that makes sense. I know when their birthdays are. I just didn't put too much thought into their age.

Anyway, so SS24 left for town this morning saying he was putting in a job application and wouldn't be back until dark. I have a feeling he will not have a job but come up with some excuse when the 2 months is up. I won't fall for it but DH might be a different story.


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Hell to the no on him using your house for visits with his kid. Guess he can't have any until he sorts his life out.

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SS got up in your face because he didn't want to take care of his son. Hell to the no. He does not take visitation at your house to ease his burden and add to yours. Tell DH he goes or you take visitation weekends elsewhere and SS can take care of DH. 

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Time to set your DuH right - you, in absolutely no way, agreed to have him when he has visitation with his son. This is your home we're talking about, not a hotel! He can take his vistation at the same place where he'll be living the rest of the time. No way will you be cooking, cleaning and so on (bet he'd be kind enough to bring his laundry too). No way will you have your weekend disrupted by someone else's kid. Your SS is a big boy now, time he started behaving like one.