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SD is 18 today!

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Sorry if I rant or ramble.

Since its her birthday DH wanted to get her a cake. I'm surprised she showed up. I didn't think she would after she hung up on DH last night because he wouldn't buy her alcohol again.  

Now I just wish she would leave. Yay there she goes out the driveway!

She didn't stay long thank goodness. I was about to lose it. She kept glorifying her tattoos and underage drinking to DD10.  Then she made it worse by talking about partying at the college with my twin nieces who DD10 adores. In the past SD offered DD a drag from her vape pen. I think I will make it clear that SD needs to be told and I will tell her if no one else does that she is not allowed to be around DD if she can't keep her mouth shut about her underage illegal activities. The result will most likely be SD getting so offended that I had something negative to say about her that she will cut off contact with us. I feel bad again for DH, but its a blessing for me.

Before SD left she mentioned she got fired from her job. Strange how that happens when a person keeps calling in absent. I wonder how she is going to pay for that new jeep she wanted and that apartment she was going to rent with a friend? Hope she doesn't think she can live here. I dont think she will. She'll tell everyone how she can't do that because me and her don't get along. She'll say her dad's wife is a b****. This is where I'm grateful to SD. I'm grateful to her because she helped me get over the fact that not everyone likes me. It used to make me very upset to think people or even people I've never met don't like me. So I appreciate the exposure therapy. 



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DH has custody so he receives child support (gives money to SD too since she no longer lives with us) and BM still owes over 2k.

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Damn. I felt Same way. Couldn't stand bro getting along with everyone or being liked by everyone when I tried and wanted to be kind no matter what. I'm glad one cord was cut. Good for you. Good for you for being strong and standing your ground. At least it sounds like you have support (I think). 

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I forgot to mention something else that happened. DH wouldn't try some drink she had. He said he won't drink after her or anyone. Then he went on about all the precautions he's taking to avoid Covid. Her reply was a declaration that she already had it (she had a slight fever a couple of moths ago and has never been tested) followed by a huge uncovered cough in his direction for emphasis. 

I wanted to boot her a** out the door right then and I probably should have.

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Make sure she does NOT live in your home.  At all cost