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Win for DH!

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SIL (DH's sister) was classically enabled by her divorced daddy. When he passed away she started turning to DH to fill daddy's role and DH did. He "loaned" her money that was never repaid, and even moved her and her kid in for several years before we met. Recently, SIL couldn't work, due to what she claimed was anxiety. She lost her home, lost her job, and guess who she turns to?


Still Enabling

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Well, this is my first blog, you may want to make popcorn, this is going to read like a bad movie. Although my drama has spanned 25 years so far, it seems all these years of being a SM with all the crazy antics of 2 SS plus a nuttier than Christmas fruitcake BM , not sure how I survived this long without a blog. My DH has always been very good to me, I brought a son and daughter of my own into this marriage, DH has been very good to my children also, they pretty much treat him like the real dad.